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Amanda's Pregnancy Journal

~ Meet Amanda

FamilyHello and welcome to my pregnancy journal! My name is Amanda, and I am 27 years old (however quickly approaching my July birthday!) Three years ago I married my husband, Peter, in my fabulous home state of Alaska. We started trying to get pregnant the following spring and by fall of 2008 we were blissfully pregnant with our first child! Our beautiful baby boy was born June 17, 2009 in Louisville, Colorado. Not to brag but I had a super delivery and loved every part of giving birth and becoming a mother (I even cried when we left the hospital!). Such great memories. The past year has been the biggest adventure of my life and becoming a mother has taught me so many things and made literally the grass greener, sky bluer, and roses redder! (what can I say, I'm totally in love with my little pumpkin!) Oh and also the eyes puffier, limbs a little heavier, and all the other not so sparkly bits of being a mother but I guess it is all part of the package deal.

Our story is one that most people have tremendous difficulty following so I'll do my best to tell the simplified, shortened version. I grew up in Alaska, my husband grew up in Slovakia. We met in college in Colorado and started dating late in our junior year (although I'll have to admit I was crushing on him from day one unbeknownst to me at the time!). The weekend of our first date my husband played his first NHL game, scored a goal, and signed with a professional team! That was definitely a crazy weekend, I cried when I drove myself home (is there a pattern here?) thinking he would have no time for me in his life, in his quickly drawn spotlight. However, far from the truth we've now lived all across the United States and now in Europe playing for various hockey teams. We now have a home base in Colorado where we spend the off-seasons (summer months). While Peter was playing hockey, I was busy finishing up my schooling. I graduated with a BA in Kinesiology and went on to graduate with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. My physical therapy career has, however, been put on hold for traveling hockey and mommyhood. I am excited to practice one day when we decide to settle down a little bit but for now consider myself one busy lady!!

Our most current endeavor is one of moving cities once again. My husband just got traded and we're moving from Zurich, Switzerland to Davos, Switzerland (a little ski town in the Swiss Alps! Yipee!!) If all goes well most likely I'll be giving birth in this small Swiss town in the mountains (hoping the staff speaks English . . . cross your fingers for me!) The ski lifts will most likely taunt and tease me and I'll be somewhat bitter about not being able to ski but the little babes are really worth all the downsides of pregnancy aren't they!?! I'm very excited for our new adventure but it also makes me nervous . . . moving again, starting over, being away from family and familiarity, and oh yeah . . . giving birth overseas!! I must think positive though and embrace this new experience.

Other little tidbits . . . I'm an avid coffee drinker (doh!), my first car was a red pick-up truck, I've been moose hunting, I love exercise/activity/health/fitness, I won my sixth grade spelling bee, I have super thick hair, I used to competitively figure skate, I love to travel and meet new people, I've ran two marathons, and I absolutely love to eat!!!

I hope you'll follow along with me on my emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy journalism as the days, weeks, and months tick by. I'm excited to be writing my second pregnancy journal on StorkNet. Here we go!


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