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Lucky Month

C'mon September!! Our beautiful baby boy was born in June of 2009 meaning that our last lucky month . . . so to say . . . was September! Of course this was after many months of trying so I guess I can't get so excited that we'll be that lucky but I guess there's always hope.

My husband and I were thrilled to be expecting our second child in February of 2011. Unfortunately our little embryo did not make it much past 6 weeks. These past few months have nonetheless been extremely difficult. I hope that I can stay strong and positive as we begin the conceiving game all over again.

We actually conceived our last pregnancy in the second month which was so great! After I stopped breastfeeding my cycles fell into perfect rhythm. 29-30 on the dot. I was so happy to have such regularity, I don't think I ever had regular cycles before this. However, I am on my first cycle post D & C and things are looking wacky. I am currently on day 19 and have not yet detected any ovulation . . . sigh . . . Is this normal??

And believe it or not, mama's pulled out the 'big guns'. Never before did I want to take my BBT every morning and do all the charting and such. But I've decided to give it a try. I'm taking BBT every morning, OPK sticks, cervical mucous/position. I'm tracking it all. I hope that someday soon the big 'O' day will come! I'm feeling like a little kid at Christmas but where is Santa?!?


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