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Week 4
~ Ding! Ding! Round 2!

It's the week of my first child's first birthday celebrations. Never in my life did I think I've had such a feeling of pride, accomplishment, dedication. Baby's first year come and gone with the wind. All of the firsts: smile, roll, giggle, fart, steps, pulling to stand all happened in what appeared to be the blink of an eye. It's definitely been a year of roller coaster emotions. It's been a year of many changes. But when I reflect back on this wonderment that is my first child I wouldn't change a single thing. It was all, in essence, one perfect journey. It hasn't come without many sacrifices and many alterations to previous relationships but it is truly nature's finest gift. And on this day of great celebration I find myself once again peering down into my future through a plastic stick eyeing what appears to be a criss to my cross. Baby #2! Ready or not! I have to admit I did get a little impatient and decided to test before my period was due so the line was indeed extremely faint but nonetheless present!

My husband and I had decided early on that we wanted children close in age. We wanted to literally roll up our sleeves and dive right in to the diaper/baby/no sleep madness! (I hope my husband will actually jump in behind me after we've agreed to this . . .) We both come from families of two children 18 months age difference. Maybe we're just thinking to ourselves, "Well if our parents survived it . . ." Nonetheless we became pregnant on our second month which was celebratory in itself to leave behind frenzied ovulation tracking and planned intercourse, woo hoo! Luckily my ovulation was right on track which was not the case when we were trying for baby #1 which made things really difficult and frustrating. After weaning my first baby, my cycles just sort of feel right into a neat little groove. Nice job ovaries!


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