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Amanda's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 5 & 6
~ Alaska Bound

I grew up in a town called Eagle River, Alaska just 30 minutes outside of Anchorage (hee . . . the "big city"). I had a wonderful upbringing there which consisted of barely spending a moment behind the TV or perusing the mall. As kids we were always playing outdoors. My parents are big outdoors-people thus our family vacations usually consisted of packing our family and gear into our little seaplane ("floatplane") and flying to some remote location where only the grizzly bears could contact us. Looking back I'm very appreciative of how my parents raised us. Sadly it's now been an entire decade since I've lived up there! I'm really not sure where the time goes. I left home when I was 17 and since then have been traveling all over the country and now the world between school and my husband's profession. I feel fortunate that I've had so many wonderful experiences and met such wonderful people along the way but it always feels good to head back home.

My husband and I haven't been back to Alaska since our wedding three summers prior which is absolute nuts! Each year the time whizzes by faster and I'm quite puzzled as to where it goes. We spent the week pretty much relaxing and hanging out with family and catching up with old friends. As I wasn't prepared yet to shed the big news of our "so we think" pregnancy, it was a subject somewhat hard to avoid. I somewhat wanted the news to be kept between my husband and I for awhile to, you know, digest but there was no getting around the fact that my mom immediately suspected something when I quickly dismissed a glass of wine at dinner and seemed "overly tired." And the icing on the cake was the fact that my latest order was shipped to my parents' home in Tucson (they are avid snowbirds) instead of our home here in Colorado. I had to scrunch my face when my dad called saying he was headed home to Alaska but should he bring the items in the box by the door . . . er . . . nipple shield, belly band, infant insert for baby carrier. Funny thing is despite my father ranting off these not so delicate items of a father-daughter topic, he had no clue!! (Ha!! Men . . . ) I have to admit it feels strange spreading the news of pregnancy so early, before I've even seen the doctor. It's not that we're not completely thrilled but it's hard to get excited when I don't even "feel" pregnant yet and haven't had the doctor confirm anything. I like to really "not count my chickens before they hatch" kind of deal since anything could happen at this stage.

The weather we had was quite cool, grey skies (until 2am!) and scattered rain. I have completely become a spoiled Colorado girl and have gotten so used to my sunny days! Thus, I really spent a good majority of the week taking long afternoon, grizzly bear-esque hibernating snoozes. We fit in a couple of nice hikes which was great. My husband and I also spent a good chunk of our time perusing some houses on the market with our realtor and looking at lots. We have long discussed moving back there when my husband's hockey career is over. It's a bit early for us to move on anything yet so we wanted to just get a good feel for the market and put some ideas in our heads.

I did, however, have my first pregnancy scare while I was up there. I awoke in the middle of the night (to pee of course) and looked down to see a few blood spots in the toilet. I never experienced any sort of spotting with my first pregnancy so it definitely threw me off guard. I was able to fall asleep but contacted my doctor's office in Colorado the next day. The bleeding had ceased by then. My physician was out of town so I spoke with the PA. She recommended coming into the office that day to have some blood work done. "Er . . . 'm in Alaska," I say. She said that it could be a result of low progesterone so they could put me on a medication, we scheduled an appointment the same day I arrived back home. I haven't experienced any spotting since then which is great news. The problem was in my head I was thinking that this was the beginning of much more to come. I feel fortunate that that was not the case! What is unfortunate is that we must make another red eye plane ride back home with our squiggly, wiggly 12 month old son bounded in our arms (attempt sleep ourselves? . . . wishful thinking!)


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