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Week 7
~ Whirlwind Summer

It's as if we've been on a non-stop roller coaster since mid-April! Ahhh!!! This spring and summer has simply been jam packed with traveling and company. Not that I haven't enjoyed all of the memories but mama bird here just wants to rest for awhile!! For a family that already spends a good majority of the year overseas in a constant flux of packing and moving, this constant summer travel has whittled me down to my last wire. Maybe it's those hormonal nesting tendencies or something but I just really crave settling into our own, familiar surroundings for awhile, getting on some sort of real schedule, and just breathing. I think that leaves me with two more weeks at home in Colorado before we ship off to Europe for the fall and winter.

It's always a struggle because I want to make plans while we're in the US since we are away from our family and friends all year and many people close to us haven't even met our son yet (he's a year already!) but I think my new motto needs to be, "want to see baby, must travel . . . er . . to us." Not that I haven't loved the experiences and the company but my type-A personality is desperately craving some order around here. And on top of things, the timing of this pregnancy really hasn't left me any free time to even ponder the fact that most likely there is a little life inside of me! I'm so wrapped up in everything else the only thoughts I've put into the subject at hand would be "avoid caffeine, alcohol, take your vitamins, oh and back off on the sushi sister!" Oh I'm a horrible preggo lady. There's nothing I love more than an ice cold pint of beer, a hot swirling latte, and a row of raw tuna in my sight!!! Ahhh!! Just writing this sentence is making me drool so I need to stop dreaming. I did, however, satisfy my sushi cravings today with an avocado/cucumber roll, not bad actually! Alright so really getting off subject here.

I went to see the PA this week. She performed an ultrasound and there was no audible heartbeat that she could find. I am not terribly worried at this point as I figure it is simply too early to detect/little person is much too teeny tiny. I had my blood drawn two consecutive days in a row to check up on my preggo hormones. Supposedly they needed to double between these two days. They were high and increased (however not by double). The PA mentioned that if I wanted to have another ultrasound performed she could do it this week.

My big first appointment with my physician is scheduled for a week from now. I really think things are fine but I guess one could never know for sure. But honestly there are so many aspects of pregnancy that you could hover over and drive yourself crazy worrying about so I am choosing to keep my cool for now. Plus I spend the majority of my day running after my newly branded toddler and I really don't have much time to spend worrying about things that are out of my hands for now! Wish me luck.


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