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Amanda's Pregnancy Journal

StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Amanda's pregnancy journal.

Amanda (28) and her husband, Peter, met in Colorado and were married in Alaska three years ago. Peter is from Slovakia and is a professional hockey player. They are currently living in Switzerland with their son, Owen, born June 17, 2009. Unfortunately, they lost their second baby to miscarriage at 9 weeks. Their new daughter, Quinn Lily, was born at 38 weeks on May 22, 2011, weighing in at 5 lbs, 11 oz.

Join Amanda as she takes us week by week through her pregnancy.

Amanda and Owen

Amanda's Journal Entries

Meet Amanda

Week 5
Pregnant in Prague!

Week 6
A Nervous Wreck

Week 7

Week 8
Rekindled Hope

Week 9
Winter Hits

Week 10

Week 11
Poor Little Bambino

Week 12
Back on Track

Week 13
Turkey and Buns

Week 14
Porcelain Time

Week 15
Let's Talk About Sex (of Baby)

Week 16

Week 17
Dead Tree, Cinnamon Roll Fire, & Scrooge Visits

Week 18
First Flutters

Week 19
2nd Trimester Bliss

Week 20
Long Travels, a Heavy Heart, & a Wonderful Surprise

Week 21
Tutu Time!

Week 22
The Best and Hardest Job

Week 23
3D: Not Just For the Big Screen Anymore

Week 24
Name Quandary

Week 25

Week 26
Hungry Like the Wolf

Week 27

Week 28
Sunshine and Gelato

Week 29
Nailed Down!

Week 30
Bored and Anxious

Week 31
Letter to My Daughter

Week 32
Spring Has Sprung

Week 33

Week 34

Week 35
Beautiful Wedding

Week 36
Measuring Small?

Week 37
Gloomy Gloom

Week 38
Getting Closer

Birth Story
Meet Quinn Lily!

Amanda's miscarriage journal

Amanda's first pregnancy journal

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