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Amanda's Pregnancy Journal

~ Meet Amanda

Amanda and OwenMy life's been somewhat of a roller coaster ride so hold on tight! I was raised in the great state of Alaska where we spent our Sundays not in church but in our small plane flying to remote locations to camp in the wilderness. I loved my childhood and teen years in Alaska and my heart still aches for it there. After high school, I packed my bags and headed south to Colorado for college. I met my husband during our freshman year but we didn't date until several years later. I always had such a crush on him! I graduated from the University of Colorado with a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology. I took a year off after school and moved to Boston to be with my boyfriend then (now husband) where he was playing professional hockey. I was then motivated to go back to school. I moved to Phoenix to work on my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.

After many tough years of long distance dating/traveling, my husband and I wed in Alaska in the summer of 2007. I graduated with my PT degree in August of 2008 and one day later we moved to Europe for my husband to continue to pursue his hockey career. I went into the physical therapy profession because I love to help people, love health/activity/exercise, am forever intrigued by the complexities of the human body, and couldn't imagine a job where I wasn't running around all day! These days I definitely miss having patients but am excited for the day that I can get back to PT.

For the past three years we've lived in Zurich, Switzerland. We currently live in Davos, Switzerland: a small ski town in the eastern Swiss alps. In the off seasons (usually April-August) we live in our townhouse outside of Boulder, CO. There are days when I am thrilled with the adventures that this lifestyle brings on. Other days I would give anything to be back in a familiar town, surrounded by family and friends, and more stability/organization. Year after year we've missed birthdays, weddings, babies, Christmases, Thanksgivings. We are constantly having to re-buy things as items year after year get lost in the move. And we've met so many wonderful friends along the way but after moving or getting traded so often have to say "good-bye". We lead an amazing and adventurous life but I definitely look forward to the day where we can settle down a bit more.

In June of 2009 we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy, Owen. My pregnancy with Owen was smooth and easy going. I'm actually one of those crazy people who loved being pregnant! The cravings, the belly bobbling, the CURVES! If I could sum my little man up in one word it would no doubt be: wild. From day one he was a mover and he hasn't stopped. He is insanely active; he loves to run, climb, bang on everything, oh currently he is moving furniture!! Ahh!! He has beautiful blue eyes, sandy reddish-blonde hair, and is the absolute love of my life! (sorry husband you've taken second class).

My husband and I had always agreed we'd like to have two babies close in age. We decided to try this spring/summer and we're surprised after two cycles to be expecting again! We were absolutely thrilled. Unfortunately our little angel stopped growing around 6 weeks (journal here). I had to go in for D & C surgery a few days before my birthday to have the "tissues" removed. That was the single worst day of my life. This summer has been an extremely difficult period of my life but I hope all in all its made me a stronger individual. My heart goes out to every woman who has and will have to endure this. It is definitely a heartbreaking and harrowing experience.

We decided to try again after one cycle (and after finally giving in to the ovulation temperature tracking and pee sticks) we got pregnant right away again! We are extremely excited but also trying to keep our feelings at bay after everything we've just been through. It's difficult but I'm trying to stay both realistic and positive at the same time.

Onto another pregnancy adventure! Please wish me luck.

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