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Week 11
~ Poor Little Bambino

Oh my poor little man this week. He had a raging cough that could take down a house, faucet-esque runny nose, skyrocketing fever, oodles of diarrhea, and overall well . . . grumpiness. And I don't blame him. He had a cough for a week, and I wasn't sure whether to take him into the doctor but once his temperature rose and stayed high I decided it was time. The doc said he had caught a virus that half the kids in town have now and he also had bronchitis. She sent us home with a mammoth sized (by Owen's terms) ventilator and some nose spray. Four times a day we had to hold him down and make him breathe in his medicine. Poor guy. Needless to say the week was pretty much uneventful as we spent the majority of it hanging around inside the house.

Shortly after we arrived here, we began taking Owen to a local "kinder-krippe" or day care type center. He goes two mornings a week for a 5 hour span. It's been great for both of us because he gets some time to socialize with other children and I get some "mommy time". And it gives some structure to our weeks here. I usually go to the gym after I drop him off and then perhaps have "scream free" grocery shopping (amazing what a difference it makes!). I have been doing cleaning too but have been haggled by my friends and husband to tone that down. But it's so much easier to clean the house when my boys are away!! Seriously. Owen also gets spoken to in German the whole time so hopefully he may pick some of that up too. However neither my husband or I speak it so it might be difficult to prolong the studies once we leave here.

Anyhoo . . . the pregnancy seems to be going well however I am super-dooper anxious for my next appointment which is in two weeks. I would say a big step this week was the re-emergence of the "pooch". I think, think, think it's there!! I ask my husband please be honest. He's says "honey . . . I think your emotional state is more telling . . . " and I say "shhhhh . . . don't even go there, I asked about my belly NOT my mood swings!!" I keep stopping in the mirror to check it out. Never thought I would be so happy about the emergence of an extra tire! For the first time it is a outward physical sign that hopefully there is a baby thriving in there. I don't think it would be noticeable by anyone else around me. With Owen I didn't even get asked publicly if I was pregnant until I was seven months! My doctor said I just have a really long torso and apparently the baby just hides well in there! Who knew?

For the first time in weeks I've felt more energy seeping in. I've even been forgoing some of my precious afternoon naps! I still haven't had any nausea which as much as it'd be great to be puking to really "feel" pregnant I'm pretty sure I'm just lucky not to have to deal with that!

My little guy is finally getting over this nasty bug so hopefully next week will be better!


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