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Week 13
~ Turkey and Buns

My great grandmother (whom I never actually met) had an incredible recipe for fresh baked buns. My mom continued the tradition by baking up these flour filled wonders everything Thanksgiving. As a child I most looked forward to stuffing these steamy yummy baked goods down the hatch each turkey holiday. I've decided to carry on the bun legacy every Thanksgiving to honor the family tree and satisfy my rumbling tummy. This holiday was no different, I made sure to put in the hours to craft the buns from scratch.

Speaking of buns . . .

I announced to the world our little peanut yesterday!! With the wonderment that is our technology craved world a simple sentence on Facebook is all you need to spread the word . . . fast! "Turkey's done cooking but funny thing . . . someone left a bun in the oven!" And thus the word is out!

And how did I come about shouting from the rooftops?!? We had our second appointment and everything looks great! I saw the woman OB in town and she is simply the sweetest doctor on this planet! She is so friendly and comforting. She was like an excited girlfriend with the ultrasound wand. Look at baby's feet! Heart! Stomach! Kidneys! She was just as excited as we were, it was amazing. The nuchal line was very thin so there is a very small chance of chromosomal abnormality. It was so comforting to see my little bean on the screen, all appendages intact. (I will post a picture). I feel much more at ease and finally allowing myself to enjoy this pregnancy! I feel like I've just completed a marathon or something getting through this first trimester. And I've run two marathons; this was by far much tougher!!

Other exciting happenings this week . . . my parents are in town visiting! They flew into Munich, Germany and took the train here. They actually arrived on Thanksgiving day itself, a gorgeous clear day with the sun beaming off the bright snow. The town here, by the way, is already covered in snow. It is full out winter already and it is very cold! We had a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner and a few nice days of relaxing around here. It's really nice to have my parents here. It's really fun to see them interact with Owen and also for me to get some down time here and there. I definitely don't usually get any of that living thousands of miles away from family!

We just returned from taking Owen out sledding. It is so cute to see him all bundled up! And its also fun that he's getting to an age where we can do things like this. I made sure to down a piping cup of hot chocolate with, of course, a nice dollop of whip cream on top, upon our return. I'm celebrating! What a fabulous end to a fabulous week!


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