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Week 14
~ Porcelain Time

And I thought I so easily got through a vomit-free first trimester! I was planning on naming this journal entry something quaint like "Mommy Time" as the first half of the week was quite glorious for that matter. Then Sunday hit, Monday stormed, and Tuesday (today) literally I was bed ridden and absolutely miserable.

My parents were still in town visiting earlier in the week. I was able to take some grand "mommy time". I scheduled a massage. I took a train to the city to meet girlfriends for coffee and get my hair done. I went on two dates with my husband, imagine that! I had a great time and was very grateful for the extra hands around the house. I mean my mom even picked up the toys at the end of the day, it was so refreshing! And it was really nice for them to spend time with Owen as I know this is very rare these days with us living so far away. It was nice to see Owen warm up to them and to witness the bonding that occurred.

Early Sunday morning my parents caught a train out of town and thus we were left just the three of us once again. I boiled two eggs (take note of this fact) and we went out for a nice morning walk around town. We bought coffee and two cinnamon apple rolls from our favorite cafe. When we returned I debated whether the eggs were edible but decided it hadn't really been that long so I chopped them up, made mini sandwiches, and cut some small slices of cheese. We happily devoured the meal and put Owen down for his nap. Owen awakes screaming up a storm. We walk in his room to see the biggest puke storm you've ever seen a 17 month old make. Poor thing was covered head to toe and so was his crib bedding and everything else in between. I felt so bad for him. An hour later while watching TV on my lap he puked again all over himself, me, and the couch. The laundry was getting a good workout that day. We just concluded he must've eaten too much sugar with the cinnamon rolls and left it at that.

The next day my husband (who I've rarely ever seen sick) was also vomiting and had a high fever. He was miserable. He got sent home from work and spent all day in bed. I felt great that day and even decorated the Christmas tree, went for a 3 mile run, and cooked a nice dinner for Owen and I.

Around 5pm or right after making dinner I was hit too. Our whole family was dropping like flies! The worst part was I felt so miserable I simply could not take care of Owen. At 17 months he is in a very clingy stage and if I don't pay attention for one second I am bombarded with screaming and crying. I felt so awful already and then even so much worse because I couldn't care for my son. He was really upset and was even hitting me. At this age he just doesn't understand when mommy is sick and what that means. My headache felt like a thunderbolt had struck my head or an axe had chopped it in two. And then came the violent puking. After putting Owen to bed I puked some more and finally retired to bed. I was up tossing and turning all night; I think I finally got a few hours of sleep around 4am. In the morning I got up, went to get Owen's milk from the fridge and nearly passed out. I ended up again hanging over the porcelain and then simply resorting to laying on the bathroom floor. I've honestly never had a pregnancy experience like this and wouldn't wish it upon anyone, I was so miserable! I ended up spending the entire day in bed (thankfully my husband took another day off work and was on Daddy-duty all day). I didn't even have the strength to sit up. I tried to get down some dry cereal and water. My whole body was super-achy.

Now I'm not entirely sure what happened but I'm pretty sure that food poisoning was the culprit. All of us ate the hard boiled eggs, we all got really sick within 24 hours of eating them, had the same symptoms, and all recovered within 24 hours of when we were hit. I think if it was the flu or something else it would've held on for longer. I think the big message for self is to be so cautious about food preparation! I really should've thought twice about those eggs and just thrown them out. I had paused and thought about it at the time but decided it was okay.

I had called the doctor also because I was worried about what this might do to the baby. He said the baby should be fine as long as I didn't let myself get too dehydrated. He offered to do an US today if I went into the office for peace of mind. I decided not to because I felt so awful and also I think I just have to have faith that the baby weathered the storm too.

All in all I breezed easily through the first trimester without a single puke but I wasn't out of the water quite yet! I really hope that was the worst experience that this pregnancy will behold.


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