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Week 15
~ Let's Talk About Sex (of Baby)

Last pregnancy I was in absolute awe of the fact that many women seemed to have the "hunch" over whether they were having a boy or a girl. I thought it was absolutely bananas, "there's no way to know" I thought to myself. And while biologically this is true I can't help but have a hunch myself the second time around. And mind you this is not preference, rather hunch. I really feel that I'm having another boy. I think part of the reason is that this pregnancy feels so similar to Owen's pregnancy. I can't really explain it but I just have that boy hunch. Honestly I would be so incredibly happy either way. In all honesty, I really did want a boy the first time around and was so thrilled when I found out about Owen. This time, I think it would be out of this world wonderful to have a little baby girl. I also think it would be amazing for Owen to have a little brother and double trouble my boy world, boys are great fun! Only time will tell . . .

Secondly, we are very excited to find out via ultrasound. While I think it is very courageous for parents to wait until labor day, and I've pondered it myself, I just can't help but be excited for an "early" surprise. For me, there are so many surprises on labor day itself. How will the labor progress, will the baby be healthy, what will baby look like, what will his/her personality be. For those that think finding out early is spoiling a surprise, I highly beg to differ. It is a surprise and a blessing either way. And the type-A in me can't help loving the fact that I can choose and feel stability with a name, that I can shop and have clothes and nursery items prepared. I feel in a way that when I knew Owen was a little boy I kind of attached myself to him more. Time to get off my soap box but I am a firm believer in pre-labor day sex revealment. Woohoo! And to boot, our next appointment is on Christmas eve itself so I'm praying for uncrossed legs and the best Christmas present ever!

Whichever way it turns out to be I think that will be the completion of our little brood. I've pondered the idea of three kids but to be honest all I can envision in that scenario is "circus". I am already scared somewhat of having two. I am a very one-on-one type of person. That is one of the reasons why I chose a career in therapy so that I could work generally on a one to one basis. I feel uncomfortable trying to work in larger groups. I give teachers so, so, so much credit for doing what they do and handling a whole classroom of kids. Bless their hearts. It's something I don't think I'd be brave enough to tackle. I've become so comfortable with Owen and I as buddies I feel almost awkward thinking of becoming a mother to more than one child. They say your love grows evenly and I'm sure it will but it's a daunting task nonetheless. We also enjoy traveling which will be easier with a smaller family. And I also plan on putting children through college and giving them the chances they deserve to fulfill their potential and become successful. I want my children to have these things so I think stopping at two would be smart for us so we can also financially provide for our children in the way that we would like.

Okay now that I've blabbered you to death about baby sex and such, let me tell you about our week. After the food poisoning/stomach flu trauma of last week things pretty much returned to normal. Got my appetite back, yes! Owen and I traveled three hours to the Swiss city of Bern to visit a good friend. Her husband is also a hockey player and also got traded last year. I am so thankful to have such a good hearted friend such as her over here. When times get tough and you seem to become swallowed in feeling of "foreign-ness" its sure nice to have someone that reminds you of back home. We even do such silly things as get super thrilled about the prospect of buying bagels from the store. I made her stock me up before I drove back to the mountains where bagels don't exist. Sometimes it's just the little things in life that make life life. While I was away enjoying green grass and sunshine, the mountains were getting slammed with foot after foot of fresh snow. The last hour of my drive was basically up the icy winding cliffside. I was happy to get Owen and me home safely. We might be taking the train more often from now on. We are really up, up, up in the Alps just about as far as the cars can drive. On another note, the town couldn't look more Christmas-y. It's as if the entire town is caked in thick creamy icing. Not to sound dorky but when I look out our window I feel like I'm living in a snow globe. I don't think it could look more holiday-esque anywhere else and we're grateful for that. I think we'll look back on these years and be very thankful for the unique experience of living in such a beautiful place.


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