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Week 16
~ Anticipation

Owen and MommyNot a whole lot to report this week other than the fact that I seem to have once again been bombarded by fatigue. The afternoon naps are back in order. And the funny thing is when I nap I feel like I've been falling into deeper sleep than I do during the nights. I wake up feeling half-dead. And I also seem to be experiencing really intense dreams. Must be the hormones...

The downside of this week is that I have been battling some nasty headaches. I normally don't get them, didn't have them last pregnancy, or the first trimester with this baby. Maybe it's the dry air, high altitude, extremely cold weather? I'm not exactly sure of the culprit but what I do know is that they are extremely nagging. And of course the only Tylenol we have over here is long expired . . . sigh. So I've just been trying to sleep them off and stay really hydrated. I'll bring this up to the doctor when I see her next week.

The good thing is that Christmas is right around the corner and I seemed to have somehow got my shopping done over time. We definitely don't go crazy for Christmas as things in Switzerland are, on average, three times more expensive than anything in the US. Seriously, Switzerland has got to be one of the most expensive (if not the most) country in the world. The prices are truly shocking. We try to buy things that we need when we're at home in the US. So I'd say my Christmas shopping is usually done in the summer. But of course I got a few things for my boys so we have a few items under the tree.

Christmas in the AlpsThe town itself is very Christmas-y. I mean we're living in the heights of the Swiss alps! The town is bustling now with skiers, snowboarders, hockey players, sledders. It is very much alive now that it is December. The funniest thing is that the moms here tend to swap their strollers for sleds this time of year. We went and got a cheap wooden one for Owen. Today I strolled him downtown on his sled, where else in the world can you do that? It's very fun and he looks so darn cute in it. The only thing is that of course now that we live at the bottom of a ski resort (where you can actually ski right to our front door), I can't ski. Sigh . . . but of course the little bean is well worth it! There is always next ski season!

Next week I am really hoping there is more to report . . . along the lines of pink or blue! I will be a little bit early (17 weeks) but the doctor said if baby is cooperating (aka not crossing the legs) we should get a good reading! And this appointment is actually on Christmas eve morning itself! What a cool Christmas present! Honestly I'm so anxious about it. I'm like a little kid (or big lady for that matter) anxiously awaiting Christmas, I just can't wait! Just need to also cross fingers that my husband doesn't have practice that morning. It would be nice to have him there with me; he missed the appointment last time (with Owen) because he was traveling for hockey . . . ugh!

Wishing everyone very happy holidays.

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