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Week 17
~ Dead Tree, Cinnamon Roll Fire, & Scrooge Visits

Owen sleddingOkay so Christmas wasn't THAT bad . . .

But I do have to say that 2010 is a year I will gladly ring OUT! I am extremely appreciative of all the wonderful blessings that surround my family and I. I know that things could be much, much worse. But my husband's nearly year long injury and losing our little angel baby took its toll on on energy this past year. We're very much ready to move on to 2011 and better things ahead.

So this Christmas was simply icing on the cake that is the year 2010. First of all our Christmas tree died bout two weeks ago. We tried to revive it at one point by shaving down the trunk so more water could be sucked in. I tried adding sugar to the water. My girlfriend even mentioned hair spray (she saw it on Mythbusters). Okay so I didn't go that far. I think it just wasn't meant to live. The branches all bend down in a Grinch that stole Christmas type fashion. Several bulbs have been sacrificed.

Then there was Christmas Eve itself where both my husband and I morphed into Scrooges. My husband played an away game about six hours away (one direction). Needless to say his body has really felt the effects of jumping back into the mid-season competition after so many months of rehab. He's been extremely tired as it is. He arrived home about four in the morning only to find that our dog had half digested, half spread a large garbage bag all over the apartment. And I felt bad for leaving the garbage out of course. So about 5am Christmas Eve morning he is cleaning and mopping (and I'm sure cursing up a storm in his head). He then knocks over the dog bowl which wakes me up. The past week I've been suffering from extreme nasal congestion and have had some terrible nights of sleep. Once I wake up I haven't been able to fall back asleep because my nasal passages are completely blocked. So I was up around 5am for the day. And I also couldn't fall back asleep because I was super anxious about our 9am OB appointment.

So I got Owen to Kinder Care and swung back by the apartment to pick my zombie-fied husband up for the appointment. The best news . . . baby looks great and perfectly healthy! All of the organs, spine, brain, and everything checked out well. The only glitch was that the umbilical cord was running right through baby's legs! I know that thing is important but, darn it, today it was in the way! The doc attempted a few times but no luck. I left the appointment feeling a little disappointed about not finding out about our little she-he. I was kind of hoping Santa would bring me that present for Christmas! I was planning to do some shopping in the US when we go home in two weeks so I guess this baby will just be sporting a lot of yellow ducks!

We were also waiting to talk baby names until we knew the sex. I'm one of those name nerds who is always looking up names. I did, however, bring up my favorites to my husband just yesterday and believe it or not, he likes a few! Imagine that . . . Although this time around I'm really puzzled as far as naming goes. I was so confident about the name Owen and really fell in love with it from the start. This time around I'm really not sure. Naming another person is such a huge commitment. It's exciting but also a bit intimidating. There are so many factors to consider . . . will it go with the last name, will it go with siblings' names, can it be spelled/pronounced correctly, is it too popular, not popular enough . . . ahh! And of course some of my absolute favorites simply won't work because of our last name. I've also had a hard time connecting with this baby after my pregnancy loss. I think part of the naming difficulty is that I simply haven't allowed myself to digest that much of my pregnancy yet. I am working to get over this fear of loss hump. Maybe then I'll allow myself to fall in love with a name and have a better connection with baby.

All in all, you can't change nature and the best gift of all is that there is a healthy little munchkin huddled in my growing little oven and I honestly couldn't be happier!

cinnamon rolls!Christmas morning was beautiful, blustery and snowing. We devoured my homemade cinnamon rolls and Owen proceeded to unwrap every present under the tree (more exciting than the presents themselves!). We had a great morning together as a family. Unfortunately my husband had to leave right after to train until 4pm that day. I took Owen and our dog out sledding and then we all took wonderful afternoon snoozes. It turned out to be a wonderfully lazy day. Oh but then there was my husband forgetting about his re-heating cinnamon roll in the microwave (probably my fault because I was discussing baby names with him). That thing was blacker than coal and nearly on fire! Owen and I had to evacuate the area while the smoke cleared our apartment. Whew! One wonderful and very eventful, shall I say, holiday!


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