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Week 18
~ First Flutters

OwenThere is nothing that compares to feeling the first belly flutters. Last week I was lying in bed late and all the sudden it was like . . . "was that? . . . really? . . . could it be?" And surely it has to be our little baby swimming, kicking, and frolicking around in there. Which again is just the coolest thing ever. Also after losing a life inside my own and enduring the extreme sadness that goes along with that experience, it makes this experience all the sweeter.

This week was very different because the little Swiss town we live in conforms into a mini-New York City. There is a huge hockey tournament called the Spengler Cup which brings hoards and hoards of people into town. I think it might be one of the oldest hockey tournaments in the world and there are teams from Canada, Russia, Switzerland, and of course the host team which is Hockey Club Davos (the team my husband currently plays for). Of course we didn't get to see him much because he was pretty much busy from Christmas day until yesterday which was New Years Eve. They lost in the semi-finals so on the flip side we got to spend a little bit of family time together yesterday which was invaluable. It's exciting to have all the hockey this time of year but it also takes away family holiday time. I guess we have the summer off-seasons to make up for it!

It was definitely fun to have so much hustle and bustle around but it also is quite shocking after being here since July when there were so few people around. For instance there was even stop and go traffic on our little main street which took driving time about 20 minutes longer than the usual 5! This apparently is the happenin' place to be at the holidays!

On top of the joyousness of the first flutters, I am finally feeling better (after a week of stomach flu, a week of headaches, and a week of horrible congestion). I am so happy to breathe again! I really think that the year 2011 will bring great joy and happiness to our family . . . I can feel it already.

Oh and to boot this was officially the first year I couldn't even make it up to midnight. This officially makes me old, exhausted and pregnant, or a mix of both! Hope everyone had great holiday celebrations and all the best for 2011!


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