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Amanda's Pregnancy Journal

Week 19
~ 2nd Trimester Bliss

AmandaFinally I can say I am completely enjoying my second trimester!! I am just feeling great. I've felt my energy return, the belly is visibly bigger, I can feel the baby fluttering... life is good! My congestion is gone (for now) so I can breathe clearly which makes such a big difference. It's amazing how much better you feel when your body is receiving the oxygen it needs! I've been jogging (lightly) and exercising. I've also been able to finally enjoy the pregnancy much, much more as it's all becoming more of a reality to me. I've been tossing around baby names in my head and getting excited about them.

And to add to the happiness I'm feeling, I've finally (after about five months of living here) began to meet mommy friends! It's so nice to have people to call and get together with. I am really extroverted so it was hard for me at first moving to a new town in a new country where I don't speak the language. I guess I should be really thankful that English is such an international language and many other people can speak it. We have Rosetta Stone German CD's but I haven't got up the nerve or energy to start them. The only complication is that Swiss German is very different from "high" German which is the only German used in writing. Swiss German is very unique, difficult to learn, and as I've heard from many "high" German speakers hard to understand to them. This makes me less motivated to learn it. I know food words very well since I'm at the grocery store about every day and reading all the labels!

This week itself was pretty non-eventful. Kind of the post-holiday January where you just try to get back on your feet and back into routine. Enjoyed a baby's first birthday party, a few play dates, some exercise, and fresh mountain air! Tomorrow is a very exciting (and somewhat stressful) day! Owen and I are leaving on a jet plane to go home to the US. I'm soooo excited!!! But also kind of dreading the lengthiness of the trip. Two, 2 hour car rides on either end, a 10 hour and a 6 hour flight, and 2 hours at the airport in between (and re-checking our bags through customs). Whoopee! I really hope that Owen and I are both good sports. We are very excited to spend time with family and friends on the other end (in Arizona). I got two new pairs of compression hose (oh the joy) and a shot of anti-coagulation drug I have to self inject (even more fun) before the flight. I just hope I'll be able to pee and eat at some point in time. Never mind sleeping, I'm guessing I won't be that lucky!

All in all, I'm sure I'll have some grand stories to share next week. Oh and also might find out baby's sex!!! I've decided to make a non-medical ultrasound appointment in the US. So yes I am technically paying to find out pink or blue but I just can't wait!


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