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Week 20
~ Long Travels, a Heavy Heart, & a Wonderful Surprise

Long travels: This entailed 4 car hours, 14 airplane hours, and 2 airport customs hours with a rambunctious toddler and one preggo mama (me). Call me crazy . . . yes please. I must've thought I was superwoman trying to tackle these long travels in my current state. Everything in the end went fine but it sure was no walk in the park. Our first flight over the Atlantic was 9 hours. Nine hours in any type of confined space with a toddler is really asking for trouble. I probably got the best workout of my life. Chasing Owen up and down the aisles, changing poopy diapers in very confined spaces, suffocating in my horrible compression stockings, high pitched screaming, clearing customs with all of our gear, etc, etc. And to boot I seriously had the worst set of flight attendants ever known to this planet. They were anything but helpful and spent the entire flight shooshing Owen and telling me that people were complaining about my son, and telling me I wasn't allowed to walk the aisles. Seriously? Does anyone else have any sympathy for a single pregnant mother traveling with a toddler? Apparently not. I really wanted to cry but knew I needed to be strong and not let other's opinions or harshness take over my strength. I needed all the mental and physical strength/endurance to make such a trip. We cleared customs in Philly and thank goodness avoided a snowstorm that hit a few days before and a few days after we arrived there. Our second flight was 5 hours (ha! . . . the short one) to Phoenix. Thankfully Owen was so pooped by then that he slept in my lap the whole way. It was killer for my preggo back to stay in that position for 5 hours but I was just happy I wasn't dealing with screaming/writhing and running the narrow hallways. God give me strength on the way back; I'm dreading it already.

Anyway, we have made it safely to my parents' place in Tucson, Arizona for three weeks. It is great to be here and spend time with them. However the jet lag this week was absolutely killer. After 24 straight hours of stressful travel and no sleep, I hit the pillow at my parents' house at 10pm and Owen was awake two hours later (midnight) . . . for the day! Ahhhh!! This has been a difficult week as far as adjusting to the new time zone and pretty much having a body hangover from the travel. I've had killer headaches, backaches (which I never experience), and I've lost my appetite/feel pukey all the time. Four days later, now starting to feel less zombie-ish/more human and looking forward to spending time in the sunshine, shopping, and with family and friends.

A Heavy Heart: Not sure how many of you have heard about this incident but I know it's been all over the news worldwide. There was an awful shooting rampage about 10 minutes from my parents' house in Tucson. One of our congresswomen was doing a meet and greet outside the local Safeway grocery store and was shot in the head, 6 others were killed, and many others injured. The shooter was apparently a troubled 22 year old man with obvious psychological issues. The scariest thing of all is that this happened so close to home. The reality of it is mind boggling. We shop in this area frequently. Are we really safe anywhere in the world anymore? There are so many crazy people out there, you just never know. And this brings to light the most difficult part of being a mother by far. The fact that there is so much love in your heart for your children that if anything ever happened to them you just couldn't imagine living on. One of the victims was an innocent 9 year old girl. My heart goes out to her family and everyone else's affected by this tragedy. I can't even imagine the amount of heartbreak and sorrow that they are enduring. This has been a difficult week to comprehend. A couple days ago President Obama flew here to speak at a ceremony at the university. We even saw Air Force One fly over the house and Owen got to wave to the president. I just hope for healing in the best possible way for every person affected by the shooting. It's one crazy world we live in. You never know when life so precious will be whisked away. These are the times that make you think about how precious family, friends, and community are. I held my son extra tight this week.

A Wonderful Surprise: Whew . . . what an intense week! The good news . . . IT'S A GIRL!!! I decided to pay out of pocket for a non-medical 3d/4d ultrasound to see the baby and find out the sex. I was in absolute shock when she told me I was having a girl. Crazy! For some reason I was convinced it was another boy. So I told my husband I get to do some extra shopping while I'm here! I just can't comprehend the fact of having a little girl. It's so amazing and also so frightening. In a way I've just gotten so used to doing the boy thing with Owen. I just never imagined myself having a little girl. My poor husband couldn't be there with us so I had to Skype him with the news when I got home. He had a silly little grin on his face. I think we're both for some reason more nervous about having a girl but we're so thrilled at the same time! And I always hated the color pink but somehow already found myself ordering pink snowsuit, hat, and booties for next year online . . . ahh! My world is turning.

And end to an extremely eventful (horrific and exhilarating week). I'm e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d!!!

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