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Week 21
~ Tutu Time!

4D ultrasoundThis week definitely marked baby girl's sprouting of wings and legs and arms and baby fat. It's almost as if I could feel the tightening and expansion of my belly; she has to be going through a big growth spurt. And I'm loving it! The preggo belly at this point has got to be unmistakeable. I've even noticed the glance downs in public which is really exciting for me. I finally look like a pregnant lady!! And as my husband so delicately put it over Skype camera…"looks like you're eating well over there".

Also this week I was majorly seeing (and purchasing) pink. And this is a big step for the woman who has owned probably one pink shirt in her lifetime. I'll even go so far to say I've despised the color. However, life is certainly changing. This week I ransacked the local gently used baby clothing stores (so many in Tucson, I love it!) And the grand daddy purchase: a gigantic, fluffy, out there pink and yellow tutu. Yes this will be packed in the duffle all the way back to the mountains of Switzerland. And my husband will probably have a heart attack but he'll have to come to accept the completely un-practical side of little baby girl clothing. Oh yes and I went ahead a bought a load of bows from a local mom who makes bows and hats and all sorts of frilly things business on the side. I figure if I had to brush my toes through the water I might as well just dive right in!

ultrasoundAnd after feeling horribly jet lagged and sick all last week things went much smoother this week. I have my energy and my appetite back, I've got Owen in bed by 7 and waking up at 6 (which is much better than waking up at midnight for the day!) And we were also super busy. We had a big family reunion/get together for my grandpa's 90th birthday. We also surprised him (he had no idea we were showing up!). He was definitely very shocked and happy! I loved having help with Owen's endless load of energy. I also have a 10 year old cousin that was enamored with him and loved watching/playing with him all day…what a relief for me! These are the times I really wished we lived closer to family. I even had a day where I was able to lay out by the pool while the family took Owen to the zoo for the day. I soaked up the sun, ate cake, and really enjoyed my nearly non-existent mommy down time! The family actually rented out an entire bed and breakfast on the other side of town. It was such a beautiful/relaxing place to hang out at.

We had a very busy week with all the activities. We took my grandparents to the desert museum in Tucson. We went to Tubac, Arizona a small, quaint town not too far north of the US/Mexican border with many artists shops. My friends drove down from Phoenix and last night we went out for sushi and gelato and then went on a beautiful hike this morning. I also was did some major shopping/ a pedicure, bought some new maternity clothes, oh yes and a few pieces of jewelry. Whew! Another busy and fun filled week!

I'll also attach a couple 3D pics of baby girl from last week. Enjoy!

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