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Week 23
~ 3D: Not Just For the Big Screen Anymore

baby girlThis week was our last on vacation in Arizona. I made sure I wrapped up some of my US food cravings (buffalo chicken salad, Pei Wei, peanut butter pretzels) . . . drooling right now thinking of them! We had a lot of fun hanging out with our friends and with my parents before we left. The big storm that hit the US also affected Arizona (no snow) but the coldest temps in 100+ years! When the temps were about the same in the desert as in the Swiss Alps I was thinking it was about time for our return overseas!

We made the super duper long trek back relatively smoothly. Of course it was difficult and people might think I was brave (or really stupid). Honestly I'm not sure which one but I knew this was the last year I'd be able to travel home during the hockey season being one on one with Owen. With two kids I just don't see this to be humanly possible. I'll have to have my husband's help then.

The trip back was easier than coming to the US because we didn't have to re-check our bags through US customs half-way. This saved some time and stress. The flights were each about an hour shorter (makes a big difference). About four hours from Phoenix to Philadelphia and then 7.5 hours from Philly to Zurich. I had much, much friendlier flight attendants and the friendliest people sitting next to us (makes all the difference in the world). On the first flight we were sandwiched between two large men and of course Owen had to climb on window man's lap to see the "beep! beeps!" and the airplanes out the window. He was this large, bearded jolly man with two younger kids of his own (God was looking out for me this day). Thank you!

baby girl yawningOn the second flight we actually got an extra seat for Owen next to me which was really nice. But then the flight attendants just had to come through and hassle me for needing him to stay seated and how he would get really, really hurt if he fell during the bumpy flight. 1.) Are you kidding me to think a 19 month old toddler will stay seated for 8 straight hours? Do you also supply chains?... 2.) I'm quite aware that when baby falls he will get hurt, he does it all the time . . . Ahhh! I really don't think she has children of her own. I wanted to give some of these people a piece of my mind but I kept my mouth shut. I'm sure it's just a part of their job to ensure safety to the best of their ability. When we got off the flight the sweetest Swiss woman helped load all our bags on the stroller from the baggage belt. I'm so thankful for all the helpful people we encountered on our long journey!

Back to Arizona . . . we were able to take another peek at baby girl. It was an ultrasound facility that does non-medical 3d/4d images just to see your baby and have pictures. She was really hiding her face this time but we had a few quick glances and also got to see her yawn on screen . . . so sweet! Both my parents were there to watch also. It was really special for them to see. I also think she'll be happy to look back on these pictures/DVD's when she is older. We did a 3d ultrasound at the doctor's office when Owen was about the same age and he was completely turned towards my spine so we didn't get any pictures of him in 3d at all! I was happy for what we got to see. I will attach some pics for you to see.

Best wishes for the week ahead. We are currently back battling jet lag a second time around (I think the hardest part of the long journey itself!). I was tossing and turning until 6am this morning . . . ugh . . . the worst! Please wish me happy sleep for the week ahead.


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