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Week 24
~ Name Quandary

AmandaAhhhh!!! Does anyone else find themselves also in this major state of dilemma? I've seriously been up into the wee hours of the night throughout the past month over what to name Baby Girl. No joke it's been causing me some serious stress lately.

The funny thing is that my husband and I have never experienced this before (not that HE's losing any sleep over it but anyway). It took us about a day to name our dog, a few easy weeks to name Owen, and now we find ourselves arguing and indecisive as ever. And I can't find out exactly why. Is it that baby girls are just harder to name? Maybe with more choices for girls (or so it seems) there is more to choose from thus more confusing? Is it being after my miscarriage and just having a hard time to attach to baby thus naming is harder? Is it the fact that it is most likely our last baby and our last name so there's more drama surrounding it? I'm not sure why but all I can tell you is that I'm tired of her being Anony-Baby. Poor lil gal needs a name! And I know the last thing I need to do is put a deadline on the whole situation but at the same time I'm one of those name nerds who looks up names almost obsessively thus I've been perusing the market forever and am actually getting really tired of it. Maybe it's one of those things in life where the harder you look at something the less you are able to focus and see clearly. Grrr . . .

I mean how do people seriously know what they're going to name their daughters since they were three? You want to know my babies' names at a wee age . . . Bruce and Brenda. (Brenda by the way is no longer on the forefront). And then there's the whole idea of meaning or family names. I've struggled with this also. I'm not a devout religious person so Biblical names or the sort are not of interest. I've tried incorporating family names but there's nothing that really works for us. I'm inspired by nature but many of the names just don't fit. My husband's native language is not English so many names are difficult for him to spell and/or pronounce. What if you just want to name your child two names that you simply "like"? There shouldn't be anything wrong with that. And the person I should really be telling this is me, myself, and I.

So when I found out we were having a girl I narrowed my list down to three names. This past week I decided I'd completely fallen in love with one. Only to find out that in my husband's language it means something along the lines of "she who gouges out eyeballs" or somewhat of a Medusa sort (complete with snakes oozing from the hairline). Grrr!! Guess it's back to the drawing board. My other favorite name for a girl is a complete no-go with the last name. Grrr once again. So now we're down to two. My husband is okay with both of them so we've decided to test drive each one for a few days to get "a feel" for how it sounds. Guess we're whittling down the 'ol stick one way or another.

I think the other hard part of this whole deal is my husband's reaction. I mean maybe husbands just don't ever "fall in love with" a name. They simply don't veto them. I was kind of upset when he's like okay that's the one (complete with flat affect). I want him to like the name too but maybe he's not capable of really loving a name like I want him to. Oh men . . . can't live with them, can't live with out them (can't make babies without them either . . .).

So after all of my stress and over-analyzation I think we're finally getting this deal narrowed down. One of our test drives went rather well, I think, (oh and the husband even approved of the middle name suggestion to go with it)! We may be in business here. Perhaps next week I'll have a little more wisdom regarding the whole situation. I hope I'm not stressing anyone else out, I feel like I'm working up a stress just typing down all these stress-y baby name details all over again!

Oh and just one more baby name note of interest. We (or more I with husband's nod of approval) wish to keep baby's name under wraps until labor day. I just think it will be exciting to share baby's name to the world WHEN she arrives. I have shared my top three with some family and friends so they have an inkling as to the name but from here on out this lady's keep her lips sealed. I'm really excited for it to be our lil secret for the time being! However a little added stress is that I have several friends having baby girls right before me so keeping fingers crossed our names won't cross. Ours isn't anywhere near the top 100 for girls so hopefully this gives us some breathing room. I actually went over and over through the girls top 100 and really didn't like any of them! They are beautiful names but I got tired hearing them over and over at baby classes (with Owen). And I actually also don't really care for girly-girl names (for a first name). My whole narrowed down list were all unisex names. I absolutely love them for girls!

So off the baby name soapbox. The week went rather well. I spent a lot of time trying to catch up on sleep after the long trip we took last week and the majorly awful jet lag that came along with it. Many nights I was up wide awake until 4am. I've now whittled it down to about midnight. It's been really nice to have my husband back in our lives to watch Owen also so I can catch naps here and there.

We had a doctor's visit also this week and got to see Baby Girl (BG) on the ultrasound. The doctor took a closer look at her heart chambers and everything is checking out well. Other organ system checks also went well. BG appears to be doing very well in there. Also the amount of amniotic fluid and baby's weight checked out just fine. Once again the baby had her legs crossed and the doctor wouldn't say 100% that we have girl but she said "most likely". She doesn't know we had the 3d ultrasound done in the US. They were 100% girl there so . . . hopefully! I've definitely invested in a ton of pink!

Evgeni PlushenkoI had to fast last night and this morning and check into the laboratory at the hospital to have my blood glucose checked. I thought I would have to down that nasty super sugary drink and wait a half hour or so before they drew blood again. Apparently here in Switzerland they only perform that portion of the test if your blood glucose doesn't check out well after the first screen. Hoping that I won't have to go back in and do that. I remember feeling super uncomfortable and woozy after having to do that in the U.S. with Owen's pregnancy.

Other exciting news of interest . . . the Eis Gala was in town! Or rather world famous figure skaters performing at the rink where my husband plays! And lucky me . . . I got to go two nights in a row! My husband was able to get free tickets for the first night. Then my girlfriend (also a mommy) only had a sitter for the second night so her husband got the best tickets in the house! (right on the center ice). We got to see Olympic skaters spinning and jumping right in front of us! I was like a little girl in the candy store . . . so excited! And thanks to Maribeth's Facebook comment I remembered to throw my camera in my purse right before I left the door so I was able to get a few shots. I grew up figure skating and competing when I was younger so it's always been a passion of mine and my favorite sport. Watching the skaters also got me really excited to teach my own daughter to skate and spin and jump one day. Oh I just can't wait!


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