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Week 25
~ Remembrance

This week marked the official coming and going of my angel baby's due date. (I lost my last pregnancy to miscarriage around 6.5 weeks). It was definitely a day of reflection for me. I can't say that I was overly grievous or upset but I did spend time reflecting and honoring my lost bean. I wouldn't say that being pregnant with Baby Girl has replaced in any way the sorrow but I would say that her presence gives me hope and thus strength for the future and better days ahead. It's hard to believe that she wouldn't be a part of my life if I hadn't lost the baby before her. It's kind of strange how life works itself out. I am also thankful for the extra months that I have to be a one-on-one mommy with my beautiful son. Maybe everything does happen for a reason . . . not always easy to believe though.

Baby Girl has been super active every night when I lay down in bed to read. I'm sure she's moving around during the day too but maybe I'm just moving around too much to notice? I love feeling her kick and shuffle, makes the experience all the more real and exciting.

Finally think we've nailed down Baby Girl's name also . . . whew! That was a marathon of sorts. Exciting but tiring. Funny thing is it's not the same name I was sure of last week . . . I guess my ambivalence on the subject means that it could still change in the future but for now she's got one and I'm loving it.

Tomorrow morning I have to go to the hospital for my two hour glucose tolerance test. Whoopee! The joys of pregnant fasting and drinking some disgusting sugary soda thing . . . blech! I really hope I pass the test and won't have to worry about it anymore. I really have been craving sweets quite a lot during this pregnancy. Doesn't help that I live in Switzerland where chocolate laced goodies are all over the place!

On the food note . . . I've really noticed a big increase in my appetite over the last week. This is one hungry momma! I find myself craving more food even after finishing a large complete meal full of yummy veggies, carbs, and protein. I hope that this means Baby Girl is needing all the energy for the big growth spurts she'll be having over the next 15 weeks!

Hard to believe how quickly time is moving now. It seems like just yesterday I wrote my entry for the last week. I'm getting so excited for her arrival!!!


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