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Week 26
~ Hungry Like the Wolf

Owen on skatesWasn't there an 80's tune . . . "hungry like the wolf . . ."? Somehow it's reminding me of myself these days. Last week I believe I mentioned an increased appetite. If anything it's like quadrupled in the last few weeks! I am seriously hungry ALL the time. I really do feel as though I am harboring a bottomless pit of a stomach. And usually I can keep my eating relatively healthy but lately it's like whatever sounds good goes down the hatch. Oh boy. I mean "Oh Girl!" I hope she's reaping some of the benefits of this bombardment of food.

OwenOn Tuesday this week I had to go in for a second glucose test. I'm not sure exactly how these work but I'm pretty sure in the US most pregnant woman are screened with the one hour test (where you drink the glucose and then get your blood re-tested). I remember doing this for my pregnancy with Owen. Here in Switzerland I had a first test which was simply a fast overnight and then a single blood draw. I never got through to the doctor but apparently I didn't pass this one and had to go for the second. This is one of the difficulties of living abroad and being pregnant. It can be really difficult to get ahold of the doctor. The nurses don't speak English so when I call it's hard to get any point I may have across. And I know I should probably know more German by now but I've been really un-motivated to learn German, only to try and speak to Swiss German speakers (apparently the 'high' German you learn in books hardly helps you understand the Swiss German that is spoken here). Ugh. I kind of hate living in another country and not knowing the language but at the same time am very thankful that most people speak very decent English and it's relatively easy to get by. Anyhow, I haven't gotten any calls back concerning my test so I'm hoping this means I passed.

Our good friends from Colorado, a newly engaged couple, came all the way out to visit here this past week. We had a great time with them and were so happy that they could visit. We took Owen ice skating for the first time, went to the top of the mountains and lounged in the sun one day (gorgeous!), went to the pool/indoor-outdoor sauna, and just hung out. How special is it to have guests when you live on the other side of the planet?

Swiss Alps KissAfter a month of snow-less-ness (fresh fallen snow that is) and glorious sunny days it seems as though we've been shoveled back under winter's arms. Although it really is beautiful (and the town kind of depends on it for skiers and visitors) this time of year, I'm definitely itching for spring! Guess the groundhog was teasing us all along. I guess the number one thing I'm tired of is bundling a screaming/writhing toddler in and out of his one piece snowsuit every time we go out. It's really tiring me out.

I don't have much other news at this point. My next official appointment isn't until the end of March. I guess the big news around here is that the hockey playoffs started yesterday. Which means we're edging closer and closer to summer break and home to America . . . woohoo! I hope the boys do well in the playoffs and advance as far as possible but there is always a glimmer inside my heart that cheers for the day when we can be 'released' from 'duty'! Then we can fly home, settle in, and have this baby!


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