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Week 27
~ Breathless

I now find myself scrambling for breath while performing the simplest of every day activities. First comes to mind bundling my 20 month toddler in all his winter clothes every time we leave the house. Also this week, running around the house trying to find my ringing cell phone. I consider myself a pretty fit person but enlarging Baby Girl has started cramping my lungs and organs I think. I've continued to exercise this entire pregnancy albeit at a level and frequency lower than usual. I think a big factor is the increasing energy of my toddler and all the exercise I probably don't think about getting while spending my days running around after him, picking him up, etc, etc. I've jogged the entire pregnancy at a low level but I seem to recall toning it down a notch to solely walking around 27 weeks last pregnancy; I think I might be once again arriving at that point. I'm an avid runner so it's kind of hard for me but I think I'll survive!

Also infiltrating my mind this week would be the division of attention once Baby 2 arrives. Owen (my 20 month old son) requires pretty much all of my attention at the present. He's at a really fun age but also a tough age because he is physically able to do many things but not as much mentally (street smart wise). Mentally he is developing by leaps and bounds as far as language, planning, and other things go. But for instance he absolutely releases the most shrill of screams if I try to put him into the stroller or any other sort of "harness" (car seat also comes to mind) so I'd love to let him walk. Which I do but he will always, always go the opposite direction, he's getting really fast, and he has no idea whatsoever of how dangerous say a car is flying down the road next to him. This age scares the bee-gee-zees out of me. This week I found myself hauling him across the street horizontally tucked under one arm (kicking and screaming mind you), 20 lb. wooden sled in the other arm, all while attempting to navigate the oh so brilliantly icy (and un-sanded mind you) March streets of Davos. And I'm thinking to myself . . . I am nearly 7 months pregnant, something needs to give here, I am simply not super woman . . . Ay-yay-yay.

Kind of got on a tangent there. I guess I'm just a little weary of how I will handle a rambunctious two year old (whose all time favorite word of the week and I'm sure for many more to come is "NO!") and a newborn. Owen gets so jealous now when I'm in the kitchen cooking that he'll do anything to get my attention including screaming/crying, pushing me around, and lovely . . . biting my legs. What is he going to do when I'm nursing Baby Girl? I know that millions of people out there do it so someway, somehow it gets done but for the time being it's causing me a little slice of anxiety.

Baby Girl has been super active this week! I think she's getting bigger/stronger and still has some room to move around in there so she's practicing all her moves! And it's funny that she seems to start dancing right around the time I lay down for bed, through the night and first thing when I wake up in the morning! Late night party girl . . . hope her schedule alters a bit when she arrives into the world with us. I'm trying to soak up all the long night sleeps that I can before she comes. Owen is such a great sleeper so I know I've been really spoiled with getting really good sleep. I'm nervous about the newborn stage again and how little sleep one actually gets and must function on. Oh but the show must go on . . .

I can't believe I'm edging my way into the third trimester! In a way I've been pregnant for almost a full year in May (after losing the pregnancy before to miscarriage and getting pregnant right away again) which is a long time to be pregnant but on the other hand things seem to have flown by at the same time. I can't believe I have to start thinking about labor and the end already! I think it took me such a long time to accept this pregnancy (after pregnancy loss and emotional stress) that now I feel catapulted very quickly to the birth stage and meeting this little person! Lately I've been thinking a lot about the mysteries that surround what she will look like and what her personality will be. I honestly don't have visions like some people do. I have no clue but I'm excited to find out!

My husband started his hockey playoffs this week and they swept the first series (best of seven) with four straight wins! Looks like we'll be hanging around Europe for a while longer. If they go all the way to the championship round we'll probably be flying home (trans-Atlantic) when I'm around 33-34 weeks. Living on the edge . . . of sorts. We're fortunate enough to have a friend staying in our house back home so we've been ordering all of her nursery furniture, decorations, double stroller, and such online so everything should be there when we get home. We plan on putting together a nursery for her but we surely won't have much time. I'm really excited . . . the colors are going to be pink and black. We'll have someone come in and paint the walls a pale pink, her furniture (crib and changing table) are black, and I've ordered some fun accessories like a black chandelier. Also her crib bedding is pink, white, and black damask pattern. Never in a million years did I think I would be painting walls pink (I was always a pink hater . . . I know) but the times are a changin' and I'm really excited about it!!!


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