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Amanda's Pregnancy Journal

Week 28
~ Sunshine and Gelato

Amanda and OwenAt last . . . I feel pregnant. Not that I wasn't vaguely aware of my situation before but now it's most certainly official. I was lucky in the beginning without ever experiencing morning sickness so at times I almost had to pinch myself to remember there is actually something growing inside my belly. Now I feel the clothes getting really snug, even the maternity shirts are kind of riding up over the belly and I have to keep yanking them down. I feel the beginnings of a true duck waddle (my husband will surely agree to this), I exercise the frog leg squat (both knees pointing out at 45 degree angles) whenever I have to bend down. It's getting harder to pick up my son but alas I do. I'm continuing to go about my daily routine but I try and remind myself not to be a hero, to slow down, and to take things easy from here on out (always easier said than done). The hard part right now is that my husband is at the crux of his hockey season (in playoffs) so he is also physically exhausted, spent, aching and needs to retain all the extra energy he can get. Basically we're both physically pooped so we can't really help each other all that much (or our rambunctious toddler for that matter).

Besides feeling like a blossoming whale (with 12 more weeks to grow!) things are going great. We actually had a wonderful past week. The weather was sunny and gorgeous and we had a group of five friends visiting us from Phoenix. They stopped at several bigger European cities (they only had a week here) and then spent the last four days of the week with us. It was definitely a full house but they were such an easygoing group. Plus they had a lot of things on their agenda like taking advantage of the ski slopes here. Of course I wished I could've joined them but there will be many more ski seasons in the future!

On Friday, my girlfriends and I split from the boys (Owen came of course) and took a drive through the steep, winding Alpine mountain passes and headed to the Italian region of Switzerland. It was such an unbelievable drive, it's hard to imagine sometimes that I actually LIVE amongst such astounding beauty. Reminds me how blessed of a life we live. We spent the day perusing the beautiful city of Lugano. It's downtown front sprawls along a gorgeous lake with mountains jutting up in all directions. Also have to mention I had the most scrumptious gelato ever known to a pregnant lady!! It was very tempting to go back for a second serving (I exercised some self control here). I had an awesome week with my friends' visit. Having friends here when you live so far away from familiarity is really special.

Other news . . . I'm still having somewhat of Baby Girl name doubts. We picked a first name that we've been referring to her as. But now the middle name I always thought I would use is difficult for my husband to pronounce. Ugh. I guess I'm just feeling guilty about the fact that I'm even having name doubts. I simply don't know why it's been so difficult this time around. I guess when she comes into this world whatever we end up calling her won't matter so much as how excited we will be that she is our beautiful daughter in our arms and nothing can change that ever. Like Juliet says, "What's in a name?" What's that supposed to mean anyway? Ahh!! Does anyone else have baby name stress?


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