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Week 29
~ Nailed Down!

Okay so many happenings this week. Two of my friends had babies on the same day . . . woohoo! Crazy coincidence? One of my friends picked the same baby name!! Ah . . . to add to baby name drama of the century! I checked Facebook and my eyes about popped out of my head! And we're not talking the usual suspects here . . . Sophia, Emma, Isabella . . . This baby name is somewhere around 500+ in popularity for girls. Ay-yay-yay. The good news? This girlfriend is another hockey wife that I met a couple years back at the end of a season. She's one of the sweetest people I've ever met but I'd say more or less we're kind of just Facebook friends. They now play in another country and live their off-seasons in Florida . . . don't think our kids will be going to school together or anything like that. In any event I guess I should just be happy that I appreciate her style and that we just have similar baby naming tastes. My husband looked at me when I told him the news and despairingly replied, "not changing it again are we?"

The good news: I finally feel fully confident about our little girl's name. My husband and I even agreed on a middle name to boot this week! After relentlessly searching for something that had some sort of family tie or grand meaning I just went for a classic, simple choice. And when it comes to my husband I really had to find something that was simple, short, relatively easy to spell and say since English is not his first language. Whew. I feel soooo good now, like I just completed a marathon, seriously.

However, now that we've got the name nailed down I find myself kind of bored! This week I also find myself as alias Ancy Nancy. Seriously I am so ready to pack our bags and move back home to the US. I am ready to settle in back home (re-battle jet lag), throw Baby Girl's nursery together, and head to the hospital for some action! After seeing pictures of my friends' baby girls it just makes me that much more excited to meet my own! The hard part is we just never know when we'll be done here. It depends on how long my husband's hockey team goes in the playoffs. I guess the longest we'll be here is probably one more month . . . "I think I can, I think I can" (like the train story from my childhood).

I even took a trip down to the basement this week to rummage through a hockey duffle bag packed with Owen's first year things. Talk about a trip down Memory Lane . . . I was almost in tears looking at his itty bitty onesies of his yesteryears. Seriously what I am going to do when this kid heads to college? WAY ahead of myself here . . . Anyway, I found certain essentials I want to bring home like my nursing bras, my top of the line breast pump (DO NOT forget this Amanda!), nursing pads (those were so dang handy last time around--leakage you know), and a few of Owen's newborn things that I can use a second time around.

This week also marks the wildest Baby Girl has been in my tummy. I assure you she will be the next Mia Hamm. A kick there, wild jab over there. I'm even trying to decipher which body parts are sticking out where. And of course the activity, as usual, always amps up at night when I'm ready to settle in for the night.

This pregnancy also continues to take its major toll with toddler chasing, wrestling, screaming, etc. I've seriously had the easiest pregnancy if it were not for already being a mommy of one. Being pregnant with a toddler is definitely super tough work. This week we've had the nastiest spring weather ever. Everything's melting so there is mud and puddles everywhere. Then we'll get blasted with yet another day comprised of heavy, wet, sticky snow. To boot, the snow on the ground is that super funky kind where you walk like two steps on top of the snow and on your third step you sink in 3 feet quite unexpectedly (quite jolting actually). Which is super fun when you're chasing your toddler through it with an ever larger growing belly (note the sarcasm here)! I've been lucky where I've never experienced back pain but after today I think I may have tweaked things a bit. I want to let Owen play outside but this time of year is so difficult living in a place like this. And he's so awfully good at running the opposite direction we need to go, every single time. Oh this boy is already spurring some grey hairs . . .


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