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Week 30
~ Bored and Anxious

Bored + Anxious = Not the most optimal third trimester combo. Here's the deal. So the guys (my husband's swiss hockey team) managed to sweep another series of playoffs which is awesome! The flip side, we'll be hanging around abroad for another 3-4 weeks. Which means we'll be making our trans-Atlantic getaway somewhere around 34 weeks of pregnancy. I'm already having nightmares of those live newsflashes on TV when something outrageous occurs like a woman giving birth on a (non other than) trans-Atlantic flight! Aaahhhh!! And once we get home we plan to hop aboard another plane (I'll be 35 weeks) to attend my brother's wedding in Oregon.

The worst part is we never know exactly when we're leaving. I've been trying to urge my husband to talk to management about arranging our tickets so we at least know which day we're leaving (and I can start planning and packing). My husband also explains that even after the last puck has dropped and the season is over they still are usually mandated to stick around for extra meetings and things. I again urged him to talk to management now about our special situation and the urgency is which we kind of need to skedaddle out of here once the playoffs are over.

Needless to say anxiety has ruled over me lately. And I know the worst possible thing right now is to be stressed but I kind of simply can't help it. The other half of the equation, boredom, has also settled in. I feel like I'm at a point where unless I'm at home in America there's nothing much else I can do to prepare for baby's arrival (ha . . . besides trying to stay composed and stress-free . . . easier said than done). Over the past week I have woke several times in the middle of the night. Then I'm wide awake when the wheels in my brain start spinning at top speed.

The good news is that I had another appointment with the doctor this week. Baby Girl weighs just under 3 pounds and looks very healthy which is the best news. One thing I was a little concerned about was that she is in a breech position right now (her head is tucked under my ribs and feet down). The doctor smiled and said she still had plenty of time to rotate around but I still can't help to worry about whether she will. I know it's something I probably can't control so I need to perhaps let it go but I had such a great vaginal birth last time around. I would be pretty bummed if a C-section was necessary this time due to breech positioning. I guess I should just let nature take it's course and hope that when the time comes she points the right way! Does anyone know around what week baby should be in "final position" or if there's anything I can do to aid this process?

I also went ahead and attempted to tackle my winter coat of leg hair in the shower this week only to notice some type of bruising on my lower leg. Only to peer closer to notice a lovely intricate bursting of little blue veins. Maternal artwork, no? I don't remember experiencing these with my last pregnancy. I really hope they don't plan to stick around afterwards.

I continue to feel sort of awkward that a girlfriend of mine and I chose the same baby name. We've definitely decided not to change it but I continue to almost feel guilty about the whole situation even though there's no reason I should. She's not even someone I'm very close to so I know I shouldn't care. It just feels weird checking Facebook and seeing her pictures of the same, not so common, baby girl name. I probably just allow it to be another little stressor to add to my current stress bucket. I know I just need to flip over the bucket and let the stress stream away...

Besides being paranoid, annoyed, and stressed I actually had a great week. We drove to Zurich to visit some mommy friends and kids. I got to hold my girlfriend's beautiful 6 week old boy! I cradled him for about an hour and just couldn't believe that soon I would have another newborn of my own . . . unreal! They really are little miracles. Spring has finally sprung in this little mountain valley so the snow has been melting like butter on a hot stove. Which means endless puddle jumping and mud rolling for Owen and the dog. Which equates to endlessly dirty floors to scrub and mountains of laundry to attend to (not adding to the stress or anything . . .). But I digress. On to another week of stress weeding attempt.


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