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Week 32
~ Spring Has Sprung

30 weeksSpring has sprung... and oh how fabulous it is! We've had gorgeous warm and sunny weather over the past week. I'll go so far to say I've been lounging on the porch in a tank top and shorts kind of weather! And after a long and cold winter it always feels so incredibly refreshing! Now that most of the snow has melted, it's much easier to take Owen outside to play which is fun.

Also with the warmer weather brings out the belly! No more hiding under big winter jackets. Which also brings on everyone's comments. "Oh you're pregnant, I didn't know! When are you due? October? No... actually in less than two months!" Which bring on the exact same comments I got last time around with Owen. "Your belly is so small though!" I'm not sure if it's meant as a compliment or what but I get tired hearing it. Owen's pregnancy was the same and he came out over 8 lbs, thank you very much! My OB back home said I just have a really long torso. So apparently the babies have lots of room to hide in there.

We had our last appointment with the Swiss OB before we head back to America. She again took a look at Baby Girl (BG) via ultrasound. She said everything still looks great. The baby looks very healthy and my amniotic fluid and everything else checks out well. I can't believe how big she is getting! What a miracle of nature. And other news of interest... she has flipped! She is now in head down position. At this point maybe she still has room to flip back around but I was really thrilled about this. I had done some research since my last appointment, when she was breech, to see about natural ways in which to get her into the vertex position. Being a physical therapist I thought there must be some way via exercise/positioning to help coax her that direction. Not sure if it helped but I spent the past week taking breaks in the day to put my hips up with my upper body lowered. I would rest in this position for about 15 minute increments. Hmmm... maybe it helped?

The worst part of the week, however, was that both Owen and I picked up some nasty virus. I've been super congested which is the pits especially at this stage of pregnancy. Most of the time my entire nose has been stuffed. With the baby taking up more space and pushing against my lungs it makes it hard to breath. It is almost a claustrophobic feeling. Even eating is a difficult task because it's hard to chew food and breathe at the same time! I find myself out of breath even reading Owen bedtime stories, it's a drag. Owen's been battling the same thing, poor guy. I took him to the pediatrician today because his cough sounded so awful. She basically gave me some home remedies and cough syrup. Here's wishing for a more healthful week ahead!

Attached is my belly pic from 30 weeks...


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