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Amanda's Pregnancy Journal

Week 33
~ Homebound

Today marks the cumulus of 33 weeks of pregnancy and I am madly scrambling around our Swiss apartment trying to get things cleaned up, packed up, and ready for trans-Atlantic travel. Many people comment how easy this lifestyle must be (that of a hockey wife/mom) but I beg to differ. Yes it comes with many perks but there are also many sacrifices. One thing it most definitely can always be classified as: an adventure. Things are never dull. Days may be dull and boring at times but in the overall scheme of things we are constantly moving/packing/changing. Instead of hockey wife let's call it "gypsy wife".

My biggest wish at this point in time is for this grimy, two-faced, no-good cold virus to loosen its death grip over me. Seriously I am so tired of being stuffed up! It makes it hard to eat, sleep, and well yes... reathe for that matter! And the colors of boogies streaming from my nose... well... I won't even go there.

I continue to have an on-again/off-again relationship with my Neti-Pot. It's one of those contraptions you can buy from your local Walgreens or what have you. You mix this potion of saline solution with water in your cute little pot (looks like something from Beauty and the Beast's magical kitchen), tilt your head back and at an angle and hope that you get a steady stream of mucousy boogers to flow through and out. Pretty gross I know but when it works the head is clear and you feel fabulous! Lately for me though I've been so stuffed that I don't even get a stream of water coming out the other side. This is when I get the sudden urge to chuck the Neti-Pot across the bathroom into the trash can. Not so cute anymore, are you? I currently harbor mixed feelings towards this contraption.

The good news of the week: my husband is a Swiss National Champion! The ice hockey team he played for this season went all the way through the playoffs and came out on top! Poor husband though had a concussion a week earlier and was not on the ice playing for the final game but he definitely contributed. I am very proud of him. And the bonus money doesn't hurt either. Especially since we'll need to be funding all of the ridiculous headbands and bows I've been internet ordering lately.

So we're finally free to fly home and I couldn't be more excited! Oh and stressed, anxious, nervous. It's a really long trip and being in my last trimester and having a crazy toddler to chase around the plane well... the excitement wanes a bit if you know what I mean. And as exciting as it is to arrive home there's always mountains of things to attack and get done since we haven't been there all year. What can you do but try not to sweat the small stuff... I'll try...

See you on the other side (of the Atlantic that is)!


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