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Week 35
~ Beautiful Wedding

WeddingWe spent the majority of this week working on putting the house together and also continuing to get on US time zone schedule. We're just trying to get back into a routine here at home in Colorado. We started going to the YMCA again in the morning which is great because I can drop Owen off at child watch and get some exercise for myself--heaven! I've mainly been walking the track, doing some very light resistance exercises, and stretching. I find that I always feel refreshed and wonderful after exercise; it's something I could never give up even during the last trimester of pregnancy. I find it also gives me mental cleansing and brain power too! I also enrolled Owen again at Gymboree which is a franchise based gym for babies through little kids. He loves it there and I don't have to worry about him breaking things or getting into trouble. He is able to unleash some of his wild pent up energy. And it's nice for me to spend one-on-one time with him before baby comes. I still can't get over the fact that he won't be the baby any more when she arrives (but of course he'll always be my baby).

The weekend brought us on yet another traveling spree. We flew from Denver to southern Oregon for my brother's wedding. It's a less popular airline route so of course we were shoved into a very small plane. Talk about feeling cramped at 35 weeks pregnant with a rambunctious near 2 year old "infant" on your lap! After all of our long travels though, a 2.5 hour flight was nearly a breeze. I just want to thank the heavens for portable DVD players. The worst part of the travel once again was adorning those annoying compression hose! I find myself uttering not so pretty words under my breath as I am huddled in a cramped airport bathroom stall, standing on one leg flamingo style reaching over my ever enlarging belly and attempting to pull these commercial grade heavy duty hose over my already sweaty legs. Talk about a workout! I wanted to have a party in Denver after the traveling was through and hopefully I'll never have to wear those things ever again!

Back to the wedding weekend... it was great for me because I got to see my parents, my grandpa, aunts/uncles whom I haven't seen for a long time. And they got a live glimpse of baby belly! I met my brother's fiance, now wife, for the first time. She is beautiful, extremely outgoing, and very adventurous. It was so nice to see my brother so happy and so in love. The weather was cold and rainy when we got there but their wedding day itself was absolutely gorgeous, sunny, and warm. It was a beautiful day indeed. I know I was pushing the traveling near the end of pregnancy but I felt really honored to be there for them.


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