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Week 36
~ Measuring Small?

If I bet you a million dollars each time a person approached me regarding my pregnancy lately and could tell you exactly what the first words out of their mouth would be, I would be one rich lady. "But you're so small!" I hear each and every time. No one believes me when I say I am due in one month from now. Doesn't matter who it is: child watch worker, aunt, mailman, waitress, cashier, you name it! Maybe this would be a welcome comment after baby comes but at this point in time it's kind of making me nervous/self conscious. I feel like my baby should be big, flourishing, strong, healthy and now I'm worried she's missing limbs or something. I was able to kind of brush it off and not make a big deal out of it until I saw the doctor mid-week and she thinks I'm looking really small too...

Granted I'm seeing a new OB as we just arrived home in the US and my other OB just left the practice. The new doctor hadn't seen me before and doesn't know me so I'm sure she's just getting her ducks in a row. But she couldn't see how there's any way I'd be producing an 8 lb. baby from this sized belly (Owen was over 8 lbs). She made an order for an ultrasound and told me to slow down a bit and up my caloric intake (of course not in burger/shake/fries type calories). She checked my cervix once again and I'm still, as I was last week, 1 cm dilated. I also got the results back from my Strep B test which again was positive (it was also positive last pregnancy). This means I'll have to get an IV of antibiotics during labor to avoid passing this on to baby as she exits the birth canal. Other than that, her head is still down which is thumbs up for another vaginal delivery which makes me very happy.

UltrasoundOn Thursday we had an ultrasound. In Switzerland the doctors always performed the ultrasounds but at this practice in the US it is done by an US tech who then forwards on her imagines/findings to the doctor. This woman was very sweet and also both my husband and son were there with me. She did a very thorough check and everything seems to be looking just fine. She even had some visible hair on the screen (yes! . . . I'll be able to utilize all those bows I've bought for her!) and was giving us little smooches (I'll attach a picture). She is so beautiful already, I just can't wait to meet her. And the tech also told me she's somewhere around 6 lbs. so right on track. Apparently I just have some strange knack for hiding babies in my belly! Whew . . . now I can breathe and relax and let people's opinions just sail right by me. Baby girl is growing fine, all limbs intact thank you very much.


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