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Week 38
~ Getting Closer

This week brought more rain and gloom to the Denver area, even more so than the past week if you can imagine that! I was kind of bummed because we had our family session/maternity photo shoot scheduled for Thursday evening and it was absolutely pouring cats and dogs all day so we had to re-schedule (and the forecast still doesn't look too promising). I'm really looking forward to taking those.

The doctor's visit was pretty uneventful. She decided not to check my cervix this week as I had zero reports of labor type signs/symptoms. I did mention to her that I'd had a sore throat for a week and she was going to do a throat culture to check for strep. I got called back on Friday and yep! I have strep throat. So I'm going to start on antibiotics right away.

I also had a weird vomiting episode on Friday... Out of the blue I just felt extremely nauseous, threw up and then instantly felt better. After not getting "pregnant" sick vomiting at all I found this to be really odd. Is it a sign of things to come? The babysitter came about 15 minutes later as my husband and I were going to see a movie after two years of not going out to see one! We made sure to get popcorn, candy, and soda! I was pretty much enjoying the overall experience on top of the movie itself. We saw the new Pirates of the Carribean movie with Johnny Depp, it was pretty fun.


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