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Amanda's Pregnancy Journal

Week 5
~ Pregnant in Prague!

That's right! I guess it took a little whisk away from our every day life and a few days vacation in the magical city of Prague to become pregnant once again! I had actually tested earlier in the week and had a false negative test. I knew that I was sort of jumping the gun there so I didn't get too worked up about it. But when the two weeks went by since the time I knew I ovulated, I was very anxious to test.

The whole family was actually shoved in the hotel room and I even dreamed of having a positive pregnancy test during the night so I was tossing and turning and up before the break of dawn. A wave of emotions swept over me when I took a gander at that crystal ball of a pee stick. Most of all extreme excitement but also bittersweet emotions running through my brain. This is the first cycle since my miscarriage/D&C. I am over the moon, however, I was so recently through so much both physically and emotionally that I am really trying to stay realistic and not get my hopes too far up. I just can't imagine going through what I just did all over again. I know I need to stay positive and realize that I am a strong person and will have to endure whatever this chapter brings me.


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