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Amanda's Pregnancy Journal

Week 7
~ Distractions

I love Fall. Love, love, LOVE Fall. I love the crisp fresh air, brushing your shoes through the crackly leaves. Love the abundance of color. Love a piping drink in hand. So much solitude and peace in Fall. It always feels like it surrenders some sort of closure. I think it's a wonderful season for reflection.

This week was absolutely gorgeous as well. The sun was shining brightly each day and the chill breeze combined with the warm sun hitting the skin brought a new life to me. I found myself yearning to go hiking each day which I accomplished most of the time. Sometimes I forget how much I love spending time in the outdoors; it's really where I feel most free and at peace. We live in a beautiful small town in the Swiss alps. When the sun shines here and the skies are pure blue I'm not sure if there's a more beautiful place on earth.

The beautiful weather combined with catching up to our normal routine gave me new energy. I wasn't fretting as much about the pregnancy as the week before. There are moments, yes, but I am trying really hard to stay positive and look forward to what's next.

I can't say I feel ill but at times I do feel "funny" is how I could best describe it. One second I might immediately declare the need to down a bowl of cereal, for instance. And I definitely feel more tired than usual. Whereas before I wasn't ever taking naps, I now find myself attempting to crawl in bed each day when Owen is down for his nap as well. So, pregnant? . . . I sure hope so! I see the doctor this coming Monday so please . . . wish me luck!


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