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Amanda's Pregnancy Journal

Week 8
~ Rekindled Hope

A heartbeat! a HEARTBEAT!! Never would I think that a subtle "thump, thump" could be the sweetest sound to an ear. And you could see our little peanut on the screen! So teeny and peculiar looking. And there! Our baby is simply "there".

I definitely still have somewhat a "hold" on unleashing my feelings but I surely now hold rekindled hope after our first visit with the doctor. I'm not sure if I've ever felt so nervous in my life. This could definitely compete with waiting to give my doctoral dissertation. My husband was beside me the whole time (and I think I pretty much ignored him or snapped at him the whole time) but literally my nerves were gobbling up my insides. And I felt almost like hurling and not sure if this was the rampant pregnancy hormones or the nerves but most likely a combination of both.

And to boot we waiting for an entire hour to see the doc! We of course live in a teensy Swiss town where the doctor is only "in" a couple time a week. And he is for sure not the type to be in a rush. He was the polar opposite. I'm glad he took his time with us but his ramblings on about shark meat and Down syndrome statistics were very long and drawn out. I appreciated all the information but I was feeling bad for all the other women drowning in the waiting room. And of course my husband spots a fellow teammate and his pregnant wife leaving the office. Can't hide in this town!


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