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Week 9
~ Winter Hits

The weather here reminds me of my years in Alaska. The Fall was absolutely beautiful but so incredibly short! We are just nearing the end of October and this week could've been Christmastime outside! The snow came down and coated the city. I had to rummage through closets and boxes for the winter gear. I had Owen all bundled up for our walks like he was geared up for an Everest expedition! And its only October; I can only imagine the what the temps will be like in January!

The biggest changes I've noticed with this pregnancy is the all encompassing fatigue. I simply feel so tired all of the time! I am an avid exerciser and I have to admit that for the first time in my life I am really struggling to find the extra energy for workouts. I jogged with Owen until my 28th week of pregnancy and I felt so great! I feel that this time around I spend the majority of my day running after Owen and that alone really wears me out! I've been trying to take naps when he goes down. I hope I'll gain some energy back in the next trimester! It's not the easiest to be pregnant when you have other children to look after, that's for sure.

Aside from the excess fatigue I am still not convinced that I am pregnant. People talk about feeling so incredibly nauseous and sick and I simply don't feel that way at all. I guess pregnancy affects everyone differently. When I think back to Owen's pregnancy I didn't get too nauseous then either. I do get weird hunger pains if I don't keep my blood sugar up throughout the day but I definitely haven't been hugging the porcelain throne or anything like that. I guess I should feel lucky but at the same time being pregnant right after miscarriage still has me feeling weary and doubtful about everything. Perhaps its a defense mechanism?


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