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Ashlee's Pregnancy Journal

Week 17
~ Racing Heartbeat!

This week has been filled with my heart racing. It first started when I was taking a shower earlier in the week. I felt as if I had been running a marathon and couldn't catch my breath. I then checked my pulse and it was 138 beats per minute. I came running out of the shower to sit on the couch because I felt as if I were going to pass out. I do have a thyroid condition and am taking medication for it, so I thought that perhaps the dose I was on was too high because heart palpations are one of the symptoms. I called my endocrinologist and he ordered blood tests which came out normal. I then talked to my ob doctor and she told me that it could be because I am slightly anemic.

It has been quite scary for me, but the doctors do not seem too concerned about it. I am still short of breath and have to take breaks just when washing the dishes or making the bed because I feel as if I am going to pass out. I do know that there is a lot more blood flowing through my body now that I am pregnant, so maybe my heart is just trying to adjust.

Who knows, I just hope all is well with the baby.

~ Ashlee

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