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Ashlee's Pregnancy Journal

Week 18
~ Kindergarten

This week my daughter started kindergarten. It had been a day I had anticipated since she was born. She is getting big so fast. Ironically her teacher's husband taught me in elementary school. She seems to really enjoy school and thinks she so so big.

Since she has been in school I have been lonely at home and decided to try to look for a part time job. I figured it would be a difficult task being that I am pregnant. I called the school district about substitute teaching and I was called for an interview the same day. I felt a little awkward going into an interview pregnant, but amazingly I was hired on the spot. So, I am now officially a substitute teacher, although I haven't worked a day yet.

The pregnancy is going well. I am still experiencing the heart palpations, but am feeling better knowing that other pregnant women have experienced them. I am experiencing slight cramping and what felt like braxton hicks contractions, so I made an appointment with the doctor to make sure that all was okay. He checked me and assured me that I am not dilating. He said that it was probably stretching around my c-section scar. He decided to start seeing me every two weeks now, which will relieve some of my anxiety. I tend to get so paranoid about everything, which I suppose is natural given my past. My husband has been wonderful by reassuring me that everything is okay and that my paranoia is normal.

This week has been good. I am anxiously awaiting my 20 week ultrasound!

~ Ashlee

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