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Week 22 ~ September 23, 2007
~ Emotional

This weekend my family and I had a little weekend getaway. We spent the weekend "themeparking" as we call it. This weekend we stayed in a hotel in Tampa and visited Busch Gardens. I do not have as much endurance as I did before I was pregnant, especially when walking. After about four hours at the park I was ready to call it a day. Afterwards, we relaxed by the hotel pool. We had a great time. It was nice just getting away for a bit.

Things are moving along with the pregnancy. My back hurts the majority of the time these days. I have also started needing naps to get me through the day. I generally never take a nap, but have taken several this week. I have been feeling ill this week. I can not exactly describe how I am feeling, but I just feel ill. Perhaps it is a combination of being tired the majority of the time and a bit emotionally fragile. I am not sure. I am constantly worrying about the baby. I keep telling myself that once I make it to week 24, there is a chance the baby will make it should something happen. Maybe after I get passed that week, my anxiety will pass as well, but I doubt it.

I have put off buying the baby anything until this week. I suppose I still feel a bit detached. I guess it is my mind's own way of protecting itself given my past. My daughter found a dress in the store that she wanted to get for the baby, so I bought it. It was exciting coming home with a little dress to show my husband. I suppose I should start picking up some things. She will be here in four months. In some aspects it seems so far away, but in other aspects I do not feel I have enough time to prepare for her. I am counting down the days until the little one gets here . . . Only 123 days to go.

~ Ashlee

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