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Week 23 ~ September 28, 2007
~ Complaints

AshleeThis week has been quite challenging for me. I find myself wondering how I ever got through the pregnancy with my daughter. While pregnant with her, I worked full time and was in college full time. I actually graduated with my AA degree when I was eight months pregnant. This time around, life is so much less hectic. I am not working nor am I in college, but I find myself struggling to make it through a day. I know in previous posts, I have said that I did not want to complain, but I am going to complain in this one!

To begin, my back hurts constantly. I have a continuous dull back ache. It is accompanied by sudden bursts shocking pain that has me screaming and crying at times. I believe it is a pinched nerve, but I am not positive. I went go grocery shopping yesterday, but had to just leave without anything because I couldn't take the pain of my back.

My energy level is so low. I find myself exhausted by noon. I generally need a nap and still go to bed at around nine o'clock. I think I need to get my thyroid and anemia checked, because it just doesn't seem normal for me to be this tired.

My heart rate is still racing, which causes me to feel faint all of the sudden. I also can not talk too well when I get these episodes because I am trying to catch my breath. My daughter's teacher had asked me a question while I was having one of these episodes. I had to hold up my finger to tell her to wait so that I could catch my breath to be able to talk to her. I felt rude, but I suppose if I had explained myself it would have made the situation better.

I am so constipated! I find myself excited just when I am able to go a little bit. I have taken some stool softeners, which help. The only bad thing is that they give me horrible stomach aches. Of course, hemorrhoids go right along with the constipation, so I have those as well. Although they are not as bad as they could be, they are still painful.

Although not a painful part of pregnancy, my completion is horrible. I have these little red dots all over my cheeks and arms. They look like pimples, but seem to be dry patches of skin. Makeup helps a bit, but it is still noticeable.

My emotions are running wild. I think it is a combination of the pain I am feeling and being unable to do the things I used to. I shouldn't be feeling like this until much later in the pregnancy. I am so nervous of what the next few months will bring. I just can't imagine being able to make it. I feel like such a pansy not being able to handle this pregnancy better.

That concludes this week's post. I am hoping that because I have got this off my chests, my next post will be much more pleasant. I am sorry for being so negative.

~ Ashlee

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