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Week 24 ~ October 5, 2007
~ Six Months Officially

This week I am going to be much more positive, although I am not feeling much better. I had a doctor's appointment this past week. He said that all looks fine. The baby's heart beat sounds so strong now. I haven't been using my fetal doppler because I can feel the baby move, so I was shocked at how "real" the heart beat sounded. I asked about having a vbac, mainly because my insurance will only pay for a non-elective or emergency c-section. The doctor was unable to give me an answer until he receives the medical report from my last c-section. Hopefully I will have an answer on my next doctor's appointment.

This week I have been trying to think how to prepare my daughter to become a big sister. I think she is naturally going to be jealous. I just want to make the transition as easy as possible. I have found a class that the hospital offers for future big brothers and sisters. I plan to enroll her sometime next month. She has times where she seems excited about the baby. She will talk to my belly, pick out things in the store for the baby, and say how excited she is. Other times she is the complete opposite. She has said that she is mad that the baby's room is closer to ours, that she thinks we will love the baby more than her, and is sometimes upset when we talk about the baby. I think her mixed emotions are natural. It is going to be an adjustment for the entire family. I just hope I can validate her feelings and find ways to make her feel loved.

This week has flown by, which is wonderful. I am glad I have made it to a point where there is a possibility that the baby would make it should something happen. Now I know every week I can get through, increases this baby's odds of survival. That thought helps when I am feeling crummy. Only a little over three months to go.

~ Ashlee

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