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Week 25 ~ October 12, 2007
~ Oh My Goodness!

This week of pregnancy was overshadowed slightly because my husband's car was broken into. Not only did they break his window and dent the side of his car, they also stole a three day old laptop and a few other electronic devices. All in all they stole about $1,900 worth of equipment. The amazing part is it was done in a five minute time in the middle of the day. We own our own business and had the majority of our equipment in the car because my husband was in the middle of a day of work. He had ran into the office to drop off paperwork and walked right out. I am just happy that my husband wasn't hurt in the process.

Who knows what would have happened had he caught the person in the act. Needless to say, this incident really made us think about many aspects. We have decided to buy life insurance for both of us. I don't know what I would do if something should happen to my husband, especially with two children. This incident also solidifies our idea of moving away from this area in a few years. The crime and population are getting out of hand. We have our sights set on Tennessee, but who knows what the future holds for us.

As far as the pregnancy goes, all is going as well as it can be. I still have the same complaints, but am trying to deal with them silently. I finally found out the cause of my back pain. They call it sciatica, which is basically pressure on the sciatic nerve. Although I now have a definition, there is no cure except giving birth. The good thing is the intense pain isn't constant, so it is bearable.

Only 15 weeks left to go. I really need to get started on the nursery!!

~ Ashlee

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