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Week 26 ~ October 19, 2007
~ Vacation

Ashlee at 26 weeksIn lieu of our rather unpleasant experience last week, we decided to go on a last minute mini vacation. We left Saturday night for a visit in Tennessee. We had a great time looking at the mountains and enjoyed just getting away. I even hiked (for about 25 minutes) around a mountain. Needless to say my back was in excruciating pain, but in a way it was worth it just to be able to experience the beauty.

The pregnancy is moving right along. I now have a foot in my rib the majority of the time. For some reason her favorite position is a foot in my rib and a hand on top of my bladder. I find myself pushing on my stomach trying to move her, but generally it doesn't work. I am going to have my sugar levels checked next week. I hope all turns out well.

I didn't have a problem while I was pregnant with my daughter, so I am thinking all is okay. We finally came up with a name for our little girl. Her name is going to be Lauren Kelly. I think it goes together nicely. Kelly is my husband's middle name, which will bring some meaning into her name. Our daughter's middle name is the same as mine, so it works out nicely each having a child with our same middle name.

This week of pregnancy was quite enjoyable, mainly because I was on vacation. I believe next week I will be starting my third trimester, which is exciting! Only 14 weeks to go, I can't wait!!!

~ Ashlee

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