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Week 27 ~ October 26, 2007
~ Great Deals!

This week I went for the dreaded glucose test. That orange stuff tastes as bad as I remember. After I had the test done, I was extremely dizzy and fatigued. I went home and spent the day on the couch. I had to call my parents to pick up my daughter from school because I was too scared to drive feeling as dizzy as I was.

Thankfully, the test came back normal. I did have my hemoglobin tested at the same time and found out it was low. This explains all the fatigue I have been feeling. I am assuming the taking of blood coupled with the anemia caused my dizziness on the day of the glucose test. The doctor called me in some medicine, so hopefully I will be felling better soon. I knew something was not exactly right.

I have found some amazing deals this week!! I found a crib set on clearance, which was quite exciting! I am going to be doing the baby's room in ladybugs. Two weeks before I had found out I was pregnant I had just repainted our office maroon. It took five coats of paint because the color is rather dark. The office is now going to be the baby's room, and needless to say I refuse to paint over all my hard work. So, I decided to find something that would go along with the red. The ladybugs should go perfectly. I also stumbled across a breast pump on clearance for 37.00, normally 150.00. I was ecstatic. I have been searching for one, but debating on the cost.

I also purchased some new maternity clothes this week. I really hated to do so being I only have a few more weeks left, but I am now outgrowing the first set of maternity clothes and really needed some larger ones. Hopefully these will last the remainder of the pregnancy.

I have been feeling exhausted this week. Perhaps it is from the anemia. I have been rather emotional as well. I just feel like crying for no apparent reason, but for the fact I am exhausted. I am hoping the medicine will help. I have also been seeing little grey spots. Sometimes I think there is a bug moving on the wall, and when I look over I realize it is those spots. I typed in a search on the internet and found that it could be bits of protein floating in my eyes. I will have to ask the doctor about that next week.

Only 13 weeks to go, I can't wait to see my little one!

~ Ashlee

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