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Week 28 ~ November 1, 2007
~ C-Section Scheduled

This week I went for my scheduled doctor's visit. I brought along the operating report from my c-section. The doctor had said he needed it to be able to determine if I was a candidate for a vbac. After speaking with him, he let me know that the hospital's requirements for me to have a vabc are that I have to go into labor before 38 weeks. This seems next to impossible. What are the chances most people go into labor before 38 weeks, especially people who have a history of a c-section? So, my hopes were crushed. I can attempt the vbac if I happen to go into labor by 38 weeks, but it seems unlikely. So, the doctor scheduled my c-section for January 15th. It is nice to have a date set. It is even nicer to be able to have the baby a bit earlier.

I had wanted the baby's birthday to be as far away from Christmas as possible, just so her birthday and Christmas wouldn't be mixed in together. January 15th seems like a good day to have a birthday!

Other than being a bit tired, I have felt rather good this week. Perhaps I am just getting used to the everyday pregnancy symptoms. The baby's kicks seem to get stronger and stronger everyday, but they haven't gotten painful yet.

My baby shower is in 10 days. I am excited to be able to celebrate the upcoming life of this little one in my tummy. It is a day I thought would most likely never come. The theme is going to be little pink foot prints, which should be quite cute.

Only 12 weeks to go, well technically now only 11 weeks. Yea!

~ Ashlee

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