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Week 31 ~ November 25, 2007
~ Sick Again

It is 4 am as I am writing this journal, so needless to say I am slightly sleep deprived. I have come down with yet another cold. This time seems worse than the last and I am thinking I may need to go to the doctor. I have a horrible earache, congestion, itchy skin, vomiting, and a runny nose. I am quite miserable. Perhaps it is the flu. I just can't believe that I am sick again. I thought that when one is pregnant they are supposed to have super human antibodies, or something like that. I suppose the baby could be taking up all my super human antibodies which is causing me to be ill. I don't know.

On a positive note, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family. We met at my parent's house, ate, and then talked for the next eight hours. My daughter had a great time playing with her cousins. Everyone seems to be anticipating the birth of our little one. Boy, were we exhausted when we arrived home.

As far as the pregnancy goes, all is well. I had an appointment with my OB doctor this past week. He said that everything looks great. I have only gained 11 pounds, which is great. The baby is still quite active. She seems to be constantly turning and twisting. I am pushing her out of my ribs quite often these days. Things are getting quite uncomfortable for me. I am finding it increasingly difficult to get up and down and do the daily house chores. I am just glad I only have a few more days left until this little one joins us. Only 51 days to go!

~ Ashlee

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