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Week 33 ~ December 8, 2007
~ False Labor

Well, I have made it though another week. I am getting so anxious to have this baby. I had a bout with false labor yesterday. I started having contractions every 3 minutes. They lasted between 40 to 70 seconds for about 5 hours. The contractions never got any stronger, so we didn't go to the hospital. I was getting nervous about them though.

On the same night my husband and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. We went to a little fondue restaurant here in town. It was a very nice dinner despite the contractions every three minutes. My husband had a hard time enjoying the meal because he was so worried. He kept timing the contractions and was able to tell me when the next one was going to start, which was slightly amazing to me. I am glad we never went to the hospital. I would have hated to waste money on false labor. I never experienced any contractions with my daughter, so all of this is foreign to me. I really am beginning to think that this baby will come early, which in a way I don't mind. I want her to be able to breathe okay when she comes, so I suppose everyday I am pregnant is one step closer to that.

I have felt relatively well this week. My cold is gone again, which is wonderful. I had an appointment with my doctor this week. He changed my iron pills because the ones I was taking were giving me horrid constipation. He said all looked good and assured me the pressure I was feeling and the Braxton Hicks contractions were normal.

I only have a little over five weeks left until I have this baby. I can't wait!!

~ Ashlee

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