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Week 34 ~ December 16, 2007
~ More False Labor

I have kept myself quite busy this week wrapping Christmas presents, making Christmas cookies, going to parades, and attending Christmas parties, so this week went by rather quickly. I have enjoyed all the festivities and am hoping the next few weeks will go as quickly as this week went.

I have come down with yet another cold. I am not sure what is going on. I am generally not one to get sick, but this is the third cold I have gotten in six weeks. I suppose it is just the season to be sick. I seem to be getting the same cold over and over again. I hate being limited on what cold medicine I can take. I was told I can take Robitussin, but it doesn't seem to do a thing for me. I am just hoping I will not be sick for Christmas.

I had another bout with false labor while at a Christmas party. I was having contractions again every 3-5 minutes apart. This time, they were stronger. I couldn't talk through a few of them. I was trying to suffer through the contractions silently, but the expression on my face during them had a few people worried. I asked them not to tell anyone, because I didn't want a frenzy of people worried that I was in labor if it was just false contractions. Once I got home and laid down, they subsided. I was really thinking it was the real thing at one point. I am hoping when the real labor comes, I don't wait too long.

The baby is still quite active; although I can tell her movements are limited. She has definitely dropped. She is no longer up in my ribs, but in my bladder and pelvic area. It was strange because I could tell the day she dropped. It felt completely different. There is quite a bit of pressure on my pelvic area, especially when I stand up. I am using the restroom quite often now too. Last night I was up six times. Sometimes I feel as if I really need to go, and only manage to tinkle.

I have 30 days left, hopefully less. I can't wait to see my little lady.

~ Ashlee

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