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Barbara's Pregnancy Journal

~ Meet Barbara

Barbara's FamilyHello, my name is Barbara. I am estatic to say that my husband, Jerry and I are expecting another little blessing this summer. Our due date is August 2. I am 15 weeks pregnant and everything seems to be going great. We have already been extremely blessed with 5 children. Our girls are Stephanie(16) and Katie(13), and our boys are Jacob(10), Dominic(5), and Quinton(2). Raising each and every one of them has truly been the joy of my life. I am so excited to be able to have another little one.

This pregnancy has gone pretty well, although, we did have a scare on Christmas Eve. My husband drove me to the hospital around 5:30am because I was bleeding. I was terrified of losing the baby. Our first pregnancy ended in miscarriage and I couldn't imagine experiencing that again. I just prayed quietly while my hand rested above the baby. My fears were quenched about two hours after my bleeding started when I was able to see my little baby on the ultrasound screen. His or her heartbeat was normal and everything was okay. Tears welled up in my eyes as I saw the little flutter of the heartbeat on the monitor screen. I looked at my husband and saw the look on his face as he was holding my hand. He was smiling ear to ear. I thanked God. I was reassured by the doctor that 1/2 of all pregnancies do have some bleeding and that I should take it easy. I also thanked the doctor and very gladly followed his orders. I was 8 weeks pregnant at that time.

Since that scary moment, I have had two doctor appointments with my doctor and another ultrasound. My two youngest boys went with me to my second appointment, with the ultrasound. My two year old was more fascinated with the surroundings of the room. However, Dominic was watching the ultrasound monitor intently. He was amazed that you could see our little baby on the special camera. The doctor gave him his own little picture. He held on to that picture the entire day. Of course, I got some pictures too.

With five kids we are busy. I am a stay at home mom and I homeschool. We recently moved across country in December. We were living in northern Mississippi for 1 1/2 years and now we are back in Washington. There is always something going on. We stay involved with a homeschool group and church activities. My youngest keeps everyone on their toes. He is always climbing up or getting into something. Both of my two youngest children are fearless. Dominic is learning his pre-reading skills and numbers. Jacob is a typical 10 year old, and he is currently getting back into Karate. Katie is a little mommy. She is so great with babies and likes to play the piano. Stephanie is a typical teenager. She loves clothes, music and make-up. She is very musical. She has played a few instruments. We are currently checking into college stuff. She is also a tremendous help with the younger ones. I have to admit it is one of the most awesome things when you see your kids growing up and making decisions that you are proud of. We have our moments, but I wouldn' t trade my job for the highest paying job in the world. I love my family, and I think my kids are great.

~ Barbara

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