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Week 18
~ No Time for Naps

This has been a busy week. My oldest daughter had her birthday; now she is 17. My youngest son Quinton was sick for 5 days and my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. Also, I am extremely tired. The baby hasn't been moving a whole lot (not that I can feel). Just little kicks and movements every now and then, unless I'm holding my two year old.

My daughter's birthday made me slightly emotional. I want to keep her my little girl, but I can't. It is truly amazing how fast kids grow up and life changes. On the upside, it is also wonderful. She is fairly responsible and we are getting her ready to start some college classes in the fall. I just can't believe how fast the time has flown by. She is turning into a fantastic young woman. Although, no matter how great she is, I will still cry like a baby on her next birthday. That is, when she's not looking.

My youngest was so sick this week. He was worse then my son Dominic last week. I was hoping no one else would get sick. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. My back has been so sore from holding him sitting up while I try to sleep. He couldn't lay down because he is too congested. I am so glad he is feeling better now. Quinton is smiling again and we both can sleep.

I felt the most kicks this week when I was holding my son Quinton. I think the baby was trying to tell him to get off. It was funny; he would try to get really close to me and squish my belly, then the baby would kick. I don't think he felt anything, but I did.

The highlight of my week was my anniversary. It was wonderful. At first, I felt a little guilty about leaving a sick baby at home. However, he was feeling a little better and I was leaving him with people he knew very well. He adores his big sister and he was going to be with her and his auntie. I also really needed to get out and my husband and I needed some time alone. I am so glad we did because it was one of the best dates we have ever been on. We went to this little restaurant that played live jazz music. It was above a theater, which my husband had reservations for. The food was great, the musician was terrific and the theater was absolutely fantastic. The performers were amazing and did a great job with their acts. My husband even had a beautiful long stem red rose waiting for me at our table. I was so exhausted, but after our evening out I felt so refreshed. My husband did a great job.

It amazes me how busy life is. Sometimes, it doesn't seem like we can possibly get everything done. Especially when I am so tired. Being pregnant makes me more sleepy than usual and I seem to always be short on naps. This week didn't leave extra time for any. However, God still helped us all pull through. I even had time to teach my kids. I'll talk to you again soon.

Good-bye for now,
~ Barbara

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