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Barbara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 19
~ The Sickness Continues

First of all I have to let you all know that I have been sick for four days. So, if my typing isn't up to par or I ramble on in my journal entry please forgive me. I have been slightly out of sorts lately and don't quite feel myself. This week started out pretty well. We went on a short trip across state and visited friends and family where we used to live. However, during our trip my husband and I started feeling sick and by the time we got home, my son Jacob was really sick too. We were only gone for four days. My kids seem to share really well. They have shared this virus with just about everyone of us in our family. When we got home we found out that my brother wasn't feeling well either and a few days later his wife was sick. So, they even shared with auntie and uncle. I think my daughter Katie is the only of my kids that hasn't been sick; hopefully she won't. Stephanie had a mild case and bounced back quickly. Maybe it was because of the flu shot, but then again I'm not sure because the other kids had a flu shot too.

The baby seems to be doing good. He or she is growing and getting stronger. I can tell by the stronger kicks and my growing belly. I have to say I was so excited when I finally got to 19 weeks, because I was finally in my 5th month. I really enjoy the later months of pregnancy because I can feel more activity from the baby. My next ultrasound is in a few days. Hopefully the baby will be cooperative because I would like to title next weeks journal entry, "We are having a . . ." WOW, it will be so awesome to know if we are having a little boy or girl. I am very, very excited. Shopping is in my near future.

Our trip was good. The only two downfalls were one, it was short and two, we couldn't take our dog this time. The part about it being so short meant that we didn't really have time to see everyone. We used to live there so we know a few people. And as far as not being able to bring the dog, well she's an awesome dog and a wonderful addition to our family. She is also a great travel buddy. She is great with my kids; very protective and very gentle. Her name is Princess Leia. We also have a cat named Yoda. Obviously, my kids like Star Wars. He is a pretty cool cat and very patient with even my youngest.

Anyhow, about the trip. We did have to pull over for more bathroom breaks than usual, but it wasn't because of my kids. I don't think the kids said I have to pee even once. It was always me that had to constantly use the restroom facilities somewhere. I was very glad when we finally reached our friends' house where we were staying. It was so nice being able to visit with my friend, Trudy, her husband and children. We have been very blessed with some awesome friends in our life. It was great being able to visit with some of our other friends too. We went to our old church for AWANA. That was fun. My oldest daughter helped out with one of the Sparky's classes. We both helped out with the AWANA program when we used to live there. On our way home we stopped in Seattle to visit some more dear friends of ours. It was nice to be able to break up the drive a little and visit while we had a great dinner. We stayed late visiting our dear friends; actually they are much more than just friends. My kids will tell you that they are auntie Tina and uncle Drew. They spoil my kids, but in a good way. It is always wonderful to see them. On our way home we had to pull over for a little rest. Neither my husband and I were feeling well and we knew we needed to pull over if we wanted to make it home. We decided to pull over at a rest area and took a cat nap, if you can call 7 hours a cat nap.

Well, that's what was going on this week. Hopefully, I will be able to say we are all well and healthy next week. I know we have been praying for that one hard.

Until next week,
~ Barbara

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