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Barbara's Pregnancy Journal

Week 21
~ Time Goes By so Fast

I hope you are all doing great. We are doing good. I am in awe of how fast this year seems to be flying by. At this rate my little girl will be here in no time. We have been staying busy with our usual stuff. We have been going over baby names. It is a lot of fun. School always keeps us busy. I have tried to exercise a few times, but not often enough. I went to my doctor's appointment. The baby is doing very well. Plus, we celebrated Easter, which was so much fun.

My doctors appointment was good. I enjoy going to my appointments because I get to hear my little one's heart beat. It is such a beautiful sound. The only part I don't like is getting weighed. I have gained 14.5 pounds so far in this pregnancy, which is a very hard thing for me to deal with. Usually, I don't start gaining weight until I am about 5 months pregnant. This pregnancy I started gaining right away. I usually gain a lot of weight my last month, so I hope it slows down at some point. I really hope my walking will help.

Easter holiday was wonderful. My family makes it a 2 day event. We first have Easter Saturday, which starts when the kids wake up the day before Easter. They get up in the morning and find their baskets all filled. All of the kids get one with candy and a toy of some kind. In the afternoon we dye and decorate the eggs. Saturday night around 8:00 we have an egg hunt with flashlights. It is a lot of fun and is a great way to keep the older kids interested in staying involved in the celebration. We have little prizes in some of the eggs and candy in other ones. We even hide the ones we dye. The whole day was great fun with my kids and their cousins. Auntie Lynne (my sister) even came over. On Sunday we start the day by getting ready and going to our church. After church we usually have egg salad sandwiches; got to do something with all those eggs. The kids have so much fun just playing with each other. For dinner, we make a ham or something extra special. We made a ham this year. Later that night we told the kids the true Easter story using Resurrection Eggs. It was a fabulous day. I love our Easter traditions.

My kids and I are getting excited about Spring Break. It will be nice to break out of our normal routine and take a little time off from all the regular things we do. Maybe I will even get a nap. I can only hope. I do know that on one of the days I am going to take my kids to the park and feed the ducks. I think they will like that. Maybe we will even have a picnic; of course that will depend on the weather. I am planning on taking my oldest daughter to this special formal dress store. She wants to see a particular prom dress they have. I also want to go looking at baby stuff. My husband and I decided we wanted to get a new crib for this baby. We still have our old one, but it is kind of wobbly and we both think it is time to invest in a new one. On top of all my usual stuff except schooling, I think I will probably stay fairly busy. My sister-in-law has this week off so I'm hoping we can do a few things together with all the kids.

Something else I was excited about is my parents have decided to buy the baby a few new things, like a playpen with the changing table attached, a swing, a bedding set, a car seat, and a bunch of other stuff. This was completely unexpected and I was totally surprised. At first I was a little shocked; all those baby items aren't cheap. However, I feel really blessed. After our move across country some of my baby stuff got ruined. They got damp and mold was growing on some of my things, like my infant car seat and matching stroller. I washed it, but mold doesn't come out very easy. They didn't even know about that. My mom told me that they prayed about it and God placed it on their hearts to do this. My husband is in-between jobs right now, so this couldn't have come at a better time. I am anxious to be able to see all my new baby stuff.

I'll talk to you all next week,
~ Barbara

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